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HILLARY Clinton said on Sunday that her husband’s presidential affair with Monica Lewinsky wasn’t an abuse of power — because the then-22-year-old White House intern “was an adult.”

The assertion by Mrs Clinton was particularly stunning given the current #MeToo movement she has championed, not to mention that her presidential campaign centred on her becoming America’s first female commander in chief if elected, [reports the New York Post.

Asked if her husband should have resigned the presidency after the affair came to light, Mrs Clinton told Sunday Morning in the US, “Absolutely not.”

Pressed on whether Mr Clinton had committed an abuse of power — since a president of the United States couldn’t have a consensual relationship with an intern — she added, “No, no” because Lewinsky “was an adult.”

Mr Clinton was 49 at the time.

Mrs Clinton then tried to deflect attention away from the issue and began focusing on US President Donald Trump and his many allegations of sexual misconduct that were levelled before the 2016 election.


Leave the poor women alone.

How she chooses to justify her Husbands behaviour is up to her. For 30 years people have tried to get political milage out of it and its disgusting. Its her marriage, her husband, her relationship. Its no one elses business.

To try to link it to #meetoo and paint her as a hypocrite is despicable.


Leave Brittney alone!


Genuinely laughed at that


I don’t like Hillary in the slightest. But I don’t like her for her actions and policies.

But the people that are endlessly fascinated by her private relationship is just sick. Its not even her actions it was her Husband. How people can judge her over her Husband infidelity is ridiculous and completely lacking in empathy.


If people are interested in the topic. The recent slow burn podcast is highly recommended. Lewinsky was royally screwed over but it was investigators and the way they used her that screwed her(edit:pun not intended).


I ought to know better. No comment. What’s the purpose of the post IT?


I hate Billary

Apart from that, does it seem so shocking that I would post a news story about US politics in the US politics thread? I didn’t write it, just copied it from the the newspaper who did write it.

Actually the Billary bit isn’t quite true, I actually really, really despise Hillary, Bill not so much. He’s a sleaze but i didn’t mind ol’ Slick Willy.


Ha. Fair enough


A galoot of imbeciles?


A trump


a blitz


Hillary is clearly out of step with current thinking and totally dropped the ball on this issue.

However, how patriarchal of you to define her by what her husband did while at work 20 years ago. Nice of you to then again equate her actions with those of her husband by calling her Billary. Congratulations on showing how sexist the right wing apologists are again.


What? The Billary moniker has been around since then, it was merely a joke, like all the other conjoined names. Geez you get all bent out over anything I say in here. Why don’t you do what you said you would and leave it alone for a while? Also I don’t define Hillary by Bill or what Bill did, if I did then I probably wouldn’t mind her just as I don’t mind Bill. I despise Hillary because of Hillary. Stop always trying to put my words into your meanings for them. Also I am not right-wing. I may lean right on some issues but I am far more moderate than you seem to think. If I was in the US you couldn’t pay me to vote Republican.


I have no opinion on Bill or Hillary, but i do think it’s valid to discuss the events that transpired 30 years ago in light of this current #metoo environment.

Not sure they need to ask Hillary that question though, pretty disrespectful, but I’m sure she was well prepared. They should be asking Bill or Monica.

However, it would be hard for a president to not be seen as ‘abusing power’ in some way by having a relationship with a subordinate, given the nature of their role, and the ‘prestige’ bestowed on the title.


Monica may have an “adult” but Bill took utter advantage of her. This speech is worth listening to.


Democrats have run a republicans are ‘old white men’ platform for a while and now potentially this



If the Dems pick a 70yo to run in 2020 they’re nuts. The boomer generation of pollies has to damn well let go. And that’s not just Clinton and Biden who were neck-deep in the sort of 80s/90s free-market corporate delirium that gave Trump an opening, it’s Sanders and Warren as well, even though I like a lot of their policies.