Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


He’s just a massive ■■■■.


Donald Trump has spoken movingly about 7-Eleven. It reminded him, he said, of the way Americans came together in 1941 after Pearl Necklace.


And it’s nowhere near as marginal as believing in the mythical negotiating genius of Donald trump at 71.


Tell me why you believe WikiLeaks worked with Russia, like ever? What evidence is there that WL has ever been in cahoots with the Ruskis? The U.S has Orwellian levels of spying technology available to it, don’t you think that they’d be able to identify the hack?

With all due respect, what about the hundred’s of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s who were slaughtered? They are sons and daughters too, they saw horrors everyday. Have you seen the video “Collateral Murder”? You think that ■■■■ should be kept from the public?

I think you’d have a very tough time (almost impossible) trying to pinpoint WL to the endangering of lives directly.


Don’t try and force your warped morality on me. I have done my share actively protesting Australian involvement in conflicts that are none of our business. All wars are wrong and “innocents” have died and are still dying everywhere. I don’t feel guilty because for me it was all about my Son, and it was proven that Assange and others released information that helped the “enemy”.

You have no unfettered right to any truth, and Governments decide what is public information and what is not, and that is the power we give them, under our Law. I have never subscribed to confidentially in most Government information and actions, but even I draw the line where lives may be at risk.

Assange is no hero, and yet you give him that status. He is a criminal.


How long till the bigly brained one has a go at Kelly for being an idiot?


Washington Post Blasts ‘Trump’s Year Of Lies’ With Blistering Fact Check

Trump reportedly averaged more than 15 falsehoods a day in 2018.

As the country prepares to ring in the New Year, The Washington Post released a scathing fact check of President Donald Trump’s “year of lies,” rapping him on the nose for thousands of falsehoods in 2018.

Journalist Glenn Kessler took on the undoubtedly massive undertaking of debunking the commander-in-chief’s spin and outright erroneous claims, dating back to a Jan. 2 Twitter tirade targeting Iran, Hillary Clinton and The New York Times. In Trump’s spate of posts that morning, he attacked each one with bogus statements, kicking off what Kessler called “a year of unprecedented deception.”

As of Sunday when the article was published, the Post’s Fact Checker database had tallied more than 7,600 misleading or patently false claims by the president within the first half of his term. As Kessler noted, the total was at a drastically lower 1,989 at the start of the year, but as Trump amped up the spread of his untruths, his per day average of falsehoods surpassed 15. That’s almost three times his 2017 rate.

The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser remarked on the shift last August in an article titled “It’s True: Trump Is Lying More, and He’s Doing It on Purpose.” After speaking with Kessler, Glasser suggested that at the heart of the issue lies “Trump’s increasingly unbound Presidency” rocked by neverending turnover and turmoil in the West Wing.

Exploring the motivation behind Trump’s penchant for lying, Glasser described him as having “become more confident, less willing to tolerate advisers who challenge him and increasingly obsessed with the threats to his Presidency posed by the ongoing special-counsel investigation.”

But for those in the public seeking comfort amid the incessant inundation of misleading claims, there is hope. According to a September Quinnipiac Poll, Americans believe the media over the president, 54 to 30 percent. That’s despite his relentless attacks on the press and its credibility.

Furthermore, the poll found 69 percent of voters felt the media was crucial to democracy. Only 21 percent identified the press as “the enemy of the people,” using Trump’s signature phrase.


Yes, but those 21% are the most deranged and have 90% of the country’s guns.




From CNN. Look out Donald, the US military have ways of making people die.

President Donald Trump is at war with the generals.

The latest salvo in that war came on New Year’s morning – not traditionally a time for recrimination – in a presidential tweet that denigrated retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Trump tweeted, “‘General’ McChrystal got fired like a dog by Obama. Last assignment a total bust. Known for big, dumb mouth. Hillary lover!”

This tweet followed an interview that McChrystal gave to ABC’s Martha Raddatz on Sunday in which he described Trump as both immoral and dishonest…




Silly season starting: Warren is starting the process of running for President.



All the candidates look pretty uninspiring.


Only legit option is Bernie and he should run as an independent.

House is voting on the Pay Go bill today, I have no idea why Democrats would be pushing this, wait actually I do, they would rather lose to Trump than have a progressive agenda run the party.


I reckon Bernie would be a terrible president.

He has some good ideologies and really changed America by prosecuting them.

But I just don’t see him being effective either domestically or internationally.

America needs a great leader, not sure they have one to step up.


How would he be a terrible president? Not having a go, just would like you to offer an explanation other than a nebulous ‘not seeing him as being effective’

America needs a president who will at minimum champion Medicare for All (universal health care) and a mandated living wage. I’ve lived close to the US for the past 6 years and work for a company that does business in Wisconsin so I go regularly and trust me, a concept like Medicare for All five years ago would have been dismissed as batshit crazy even by one who would be considered quite liberal (for U.S standards). Sanders has pushed it into mainstream discourse, along with living wages and free public tuition.


I think he has been great at championing ideas.

I don’t see him as being able to negotiate to get those ideas implemented. Or lead an executive effectively. Noting he has no experience doing this.

I don’t see him being the person to repair the damaged alliances in the world and deal with wars etc.

He appeals to the idealist in us, but the presidency is much more rooted in realism. I think Bob Brown was great for Australian politics not sure he would have made a good pm.


I’m not sure you realise how fkn hilarious all that sounds in the light of who is currently President.


Well yeah Trump is the worst leader in my lifetime. Not a single strength, or ability.

America can’t afford to stuff it up again.