Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


I’m not dodging the question sweetie. Never thought of it in that way, I must say.

It’s interesting, no mod has ever told me to change it, only two people have ever got upset about it (while we were arguing), and most of the posters seem to understand the intent behind it, or at the very least are not bothered.


I’m not upset.
I’m judging you for it, sure, but I’m not upset.
So fill me in.

Is it that he cooked Jews the joke?


Honestly, I take it as he kind of looks like colonel sanders.

Hitler is synonymous with gassing Jews, whereas KFC is synonymous for frying chicken. I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say there is a connection.

There might be, but I just thought it was a silly picture.


You did.


Well that all escalated quickly!

It’s amazing how all triggered we get by one fact free poster who literally admits he doesn’t watch either network he has opinions on and then runs with ‘I have a crew cut…’

In the various levels of arguement and debate, name Calling is usually at the lowest, although I think with vague ‘I’m tough’ threats of violence Colonel Sanders Von Fuckstick has reached a new low.

Shhh Colonel, the grown ups are talking.


And yes Colonel, I do understand I have joined in the name calling. Your arguments were long since defeated.


Oh no, you didn’t get the sarcasm did you? HAHAHA

He was implying i’m a nazi because of my avatar, and I said I also recently got a crew cut, implying both of those are silly reasons to call me a Nazi.

Went right over your head didn’t it.


Your sarcasm Quality is about as good as your debating skills.


Or your comprehension skills.


Oh, you’re judging me because of my personal choice to have an offensive and friggin’ childish avatar while I call it funny?
That’s so unfair.

Go put your big boy pants on.
Then maybe people might, might, take you seriously.

But if that’s the way you want to present yourself to the world, then you can deal with that.


Wait did I miss a post, where did this come from?

I don’t care if you don’t find it funny, you don’t have to.

I’m quite comfortably dealing with it.


So there’s really no hope for you then.
You’re going to remain just that childish.

Good for you.


You keep saying this, lol, you started the argument.

I was having a discussion with @Humble_Minion, you started poking, and I replied to you.

You were more childish in that argument, and you’re much older than me. I wouldn’t have done any of this, but you chose to have a dig. Then you started on about how the internet used to be cool, and stuff.

We were just having a discussion on a forum.


I was more childish than a Hitler avatar complaining of left wing bias?
Very good.
Take that on the road.
Actually, nah don’t.
I can’t imagine it would end well for you.


There is a group of you who practically live in this thread whining everyday about one side. I literally made one point and you went to DEF CON 5.


Children children children…


Am I top 5?
I’d be surprised, but I guess it’s possible.

Doesn’t change the fact that you’re a child.
And there’s certainly nothing wrong with someone living in San Fran having an opinion on US politics.
Why wouldn’t they?

But yeah…you stick with your funny av.
It’s so funny.
All of the avs in the world you could have chosen and that was the one you thought funniest.


HAHAHAHA!!! I was agreeing with @Bacchusfox, holy ■■■■, I said that’s more or less what I was saying, with a few differences, are you completely farking mental???


You give me a tap if you think I’ve gone too far.
I wouldn’t want to hurt the boy.


You sound upset.