Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


HAHAHAHA!! I find your lack of self awareness fantastic. That’s why i have stayed on for so long.


Ohhhhh, interesting!
You might not know this, but I am one of my favourite subjects!
Please tell me about my lack of self-awareness?

Is it because I’m old?
I know you thought that dig was killer, is that it?


Oh FFS can you kids take this offline somewhere. Make a whatsapp group or something.


You start ■■■■ with someone, then get upset when they reply and call you old. Post some drivel about “how the internet used to be cool”, “I drop a sledgehammer” and “You’re so childish, just look at you avatar, that nobody seems to find offensive but me”. And somehow you still think you’re completely in the right.

I literally was just having a conversation with someone else, and you started ■■■■. You don’t offend me in the slightest, I enjoy all of your attempts at insults.

You don’t even understand that I was agreeing with @Bacchusfox.


Not upset.
I know you want me to be, but I have to have at least a modicum of respect for someone for them to upset me.
IT, CB, they can upset me.
I’m sorry, I have none whatsoever for you, so you can’t upset me.

You’re an ‘I think Hitler is funny’ idiot.


That post about the good old days, sounded like someone who was a little perturbed.

If i’m wrong, i’m wrong.

Oh no, I just felt another gust of wind, was that another sledgehammer missing the mark.


Again, you confuse being upset for contempt.
I feel absolute contempt for you.
Does that make you feel better?
You’ve succeeded in that.


So you think i’m worthless or beneath consideration.

Doesn’t seem like it. You haven’t been able to stop replying to me all night.

Contempt might not be the correct word either.


I honestly don’t understand what you don’t get.

‘I have a Hitler avatar.
Because I think it’s funny.
Now, listen to me seriously while I talk about politics.’

Grow up.
And then if you buck up your ideas and stop with the ‘you obviously watch CNN all the time’ garbage, then maybe you’ll be treated seriously.


I’m going to go to bed now. Regale my girlfriend about the laughs I had at the old man on the internet tonight. Have fun thinking about me and stimming over this.


Stick with the old thing.
It’s such a winner.

Goodnight, little boy pants.
Maybe you’ll wake up and have a good look in the mirror.

Again, personally I doubt it.
Being right is sooooo important to you, isn’t it.

Even when you know, deep down, you’re just being a ■■■■.


Where did she specifically mention ‘Jewish people’? Her stance is that she sees a problem with allegiance to a foreign country as an American citizen. No where does she imply Jewish people are unpatriotic.

As for the “it’s all about the Benjamins” comment, that was quite clearly directed at the lobbying power that AIPAC currently wields - how is that not obvious? She specifically called out AIPAC - there’s nothing left to the imagination. The actual anti-Semitic trope proliferated here was the conflation of legitimate criticism of Israel with anti-Jewish bigotry. You’re smart enough to see this.

The media in the U.S just sucks - plain and simple. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, they’re all ■■■■■■■ awful and captured by the same corporate interests. 6 corporations own something like 90% of all media in the States, thanks to good 'ol Bill Clinton.

Chuck Todd has a segment called End Game which is sponsored by Boeing, your friendly neighbourhood weapons manufacturer - it’s perverse. The one issue where all these networks converge is war - nothing unites these ■■■■■ like regime change and bombing Latino or Brown people.


It’s edgy and it “owns the libs”.
Get it?
Same as just screaming “■■■■” at an old age pensioner would.


Thought trump had been impeached or something with all the new posts. Turns out it is just a debate over hitler kfc avatar.


Your Avatar is in bad taste. It was poor when it first appeared in Thailand seven or eight years ago and it is still poor. Maybe funny to you, but not to many others.


FOXnews ran with the Seth Rich story. Never made a formal retraction. Never addressed that its deliberate invention involved at least one member of the FOXnews team. The on-air talent that pushed it hardest kept doing so for some time even after it was being revealed or what it was. Even as the Rich family asked for it to stop. No action was taken against the FOXnews people involved in confecting what was more straight lie, than dubiously sourced story.

CNN ran a story about Scaramucci (iirc) with dubious sourcing that received heavy push back on the truthfulness of those sources. They sacked the three reporters and producers involved for not investigating more thoroughly before publication, and retracted it with an on-air mea culpa. Months later additional reporting by independent news orgs largely corroborated the original story.

Neither are perfect, but neither are they the same.

But then both channels vary from talent to talent. The hard news side of FOX has a number of quality performers. Jake Tapper at CNN strikes me as exceptionally balanced. Watch the opinion side of Fox, led by Hannity, Pirro, Ingraham et al, at your intellectual peril.


I like CNN and I agree with you overall, it just sounded like you were saying CNN are all nice and sweet and centrist, they aren’t and they often have a very left leaning liberal bias in a lot of their stories. They have been busted a few times over the past couple of years allowing some very dodgy stuff to get printed and have had to retract. At least they do retract though which is something that places like Fox do not do. And I am mainly talking about their political stories.

I never watch Fox these days, they are just a hopeless mess, and i always check other outlets out when Fox has a story someone posts to me. I wouldn’t trust a single thing Fox writes.

I guess I was just reacting to this concept that US media are reasonably free of bias, that simply isn’t true anymore. They have become something they should not be and allow far too much crap to be printed that doesn’t stand up to journalistic integrity. I would love to see that change back but I am doubtful. I am used to it in Aussie media because it is owned by two groups who control the agenda, but have always felt that US media was a lot better. I am not sure if it is Trump, but it seems the worst parts of them have taken over.

Actually it is funny how we can all watch or read the same thing and come away with different opinions on it. I think CNN is left leaning, others think ti is right leaning. We humans are an amusing lot.

I am conservative in viewpoint however I think I am moderate, just a little right leaning. I will be voting Shorten because a left leaning moderate is way, way better than the alt-right twits currently holding the LNP to ransom. If I was in the US I would not be voting Repubs and I would hope like hell that the Dems nominate a moderate for the WH.


What the ■■■■ happened in this thread overnight?


Trump got impeached!

Joking lol.


Wim got impeached and Saucy got salty.