Make the US Politics Thread Great Again


When Wim is in a belligerent mood - look out!


Nearly all commentators on CNN are conservatives but very few are Trump loyalists. I was surprised, amused and at times offended at the heavy anti-Trump bias CNN shows. I suppose it does balance Fox, but there are few if any middle of the road and fair political commentators on Fox or CNN, and none with any Left views.


You’re talking about the same Jake Tapper who keeps pushing lies about the costs for ‘Medicare 4 All’? He’s awful, they’re all awful.

Chris Hayes, Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow…I could go on and on, they are all bought and paid for establishment shills. Mainstream media discourse in the States is some of the worst of the worst.


I don’t mind mocking or condescending representations of Hitler’s image. It’s one of the spoils of victory. It’s our face now to do what we want with. I have not previously seen @Saucy’s av as anything other than mocking and/or condescending. Unlike under Hitler’s reign, everyone is entitled to their opinion of course and I get that some are more sensitive to his image than others but I personally don’t believe @Saucy’s use of the image is intended to antagonise Jews or promote Nazism.


Maybe saucy altered the lettering on his avatar to read “KFC”, but the original has “KFJ”. No real need to explain what the “J” stands for.


KFJ would be highly offensive to all. KFC is mocking and/or condescending.


Tend to agree. Unless there is some hidden message in there that I’m unaware of, that avatar doesn’t really bother me.


Wolf Blitzer was great in Mission Impossible. You take that back.


Here is a deeply researched story about Fox. Neutral research and fact checking groups show the degrees of bias across the spectrum as well as the degree of journalistic integrity eg. who corrects mistakes - because we all make them.

It’s a fascinating and scary read


You can be biased as long as you’re aware and upfront about it.

Being biased and then just lying and making up stuff as you go along isn’t.


Absolutely 100% this. There was no offence intended.

I have had it for like 2 years now and only two people have ever commented/cared. I have changed it now, so we can all take a deep breath and relax.


Well it doesn’t help that someone with a Hitler avatar is so obviously right wing from their posts.


Two people demonstrated that, relatively, Trump is a stable genius.


Thanks mate :+1:



EDIT: Seriously?!?! O-M-G doesn’t make it past the swear filter?


We just can’t risk offending any of those moms from Iowa who want to keep updated on Blitz.

Better to offend all the rest of us with this crap nanny filter that even bans the use of the name of Essendon’s most famous and revered player.


Willie ■■■■?


Peter Somerville… oh.


Bobby ■■■■■■■■■■■?


Wasn’t that old white guy on your updated avatar a slave owner and KKK member?