Marijuana legalisation


Sounds the most likely.

Still not sure it can kill you, though. Can certainly fark you up in the head region.


What a really sad story


It’s funny how conservative you realise Australia is once you move out. I mean all this hoo haa about a plant that ■■■■■■■ grows in the ground? It’s unbelievable. Canada is about to legalise it nationally, and the industry is projected to have a market cap in the multiple of billions.


Also grows really well in water in the space under your roof with good lighting


Just make sure you’re sober when you do the wiring


That’s more than twenty k retail over here, assuming a pound a plant.


About 16k here.


Imagine the boost in tourism if weed was legal, Melbourne would rake it in. It’d fit in perfectly with the city’s culture.


Get the African kids on the pot. Better hobby than stealing cars and home invasions.


Would need a welcoming logo.



When you’ve got the munchies and the food in Amsterdam is shithouse, should’ve have gone to Melbourne.


You should move to Canada mate, we just legalized it here just last week.


All this low-grade grass gives me the pinks. Where’s the Paki Black gone these days ?


Do kidz still do hash?


Not in Australia. The rise of hydro made importing hash not terribly viable anymore. Shame really.


There was a time all you could get was Paki Black. Two qualities — the ordinary black slab and sometimes the really good stuff appeared — the super special Paki Black with the white flecks in it. The Cullen brothers held court in the lounge of a corner pub in Lygon Street. The pub’s long gone now. They had a contact in Pakistan, who used to send them bundles of photographic magazines in parcels through the post. The centre of each bundle was hollowed out, to contain the slabs of black.

That business thrived for quite a few years — until someone worked out that you could grow the plants here. No need to bother about the resin - just chop up the leaves like tobacco — nowhere near as much fun, but it was cheap and easy and the punters went for it… Killed the Pakistani import trade stone cold dead in the market.

It was fun while it lasted. Mr Arnott had it right: “There’s no substitute for quality.”


I recall those days, but I thought the pub was the East Brunswick in Lygon St which is still there. I knew the vendors were brothers but didn’t know there name and they had a variety of hash types. A favorite was Acapulco Gold rumoured to being delivered by ship collected in the middle of Bass Strait in a small boat. I always thought it was all grown near Mildura !

But then again some of my memories of that time are a bit clouded.


Nepalese temple balls were the go.
And there were some very nice Moroccan blacks.
Malawi produced some very fine wares as well.
Paki was good, as long as it didn’t come from the border regions.
And some of the Kasmiri was very nice.
Some very nice oils as well.

Thinking back there was much to enjoy.


Every time an AFL player gets busted for drugs, they say they oldies just don’t get the culture of the youfs and their attraction to drugs.

Haha I think we can put that argument to rest.


I was thinking yesterday about the likelihood that in about 8-10 years my son will enter into some ‘experimentation’. I wondered how I’m going to convince him that I know what I’m talking about.