Marvel Stadium


Couldn’t you go find him? Follow the reflection…


I’ve never been able to get the wifi there to work properly on any phone


I can’t do it at the game and I can barely do it when sitting on the couch. Between yelling at the TV, getting a beer and using the loo there’s bugger all time for my old school typing.


When it comes to typing on the phone I’m all thumbs.


Pull out phone.
Pull up Blitz page
Tap on game thread
See 40 plus avatars replying
Put phone away.
Look up at Kiss Cam and cringe
Shrug shoulders and go take a leak - not because you need one but you might as well.


Is this actually legit? I miss these things due to not living in Oz





I want a Cool Deadpool Guernsey damm it!:grinning:


On the right is that a correct way to use a toilet sign or the correct way to sit on the seats in a Melbourne train?
Step 1 Don’t get into a cramped carriage.
Step 2 Select the seat with the less puke on it.


Marvel stadium is just fkg gross. Marvel. Fk me. Bring back JIHAD


Ant Man will not be happy with you.


If they paint the Captain America shield on the roof I’m all in.
They won’t though as Australia does things like that horrendously


All AFL clubs to be required to select a Marvel Super Hero as a mascot.

The AFL will kick off the draft with this special Super Hero section.

Carlton will get pick one, but rumour has it they will swap for 2 lower picks so they have a chance to get both Beast and Mystique, although Carlton is also rumoured to still be hoping for a supplementary pick.

Essendon are rumoured to be interested in Deadpool and Ant Man, but Adrian Dodoro is believed to be interested in Nightcrawler.

EFC is not making anyone available for comment, as per Dodoro’s 2018 media strategy.


Bulldogs are a shoe-in for Cap.
Maybe St Kilda for Thor?
We’d have to be a dark horse for Iron Man and Spiderman, too, although it’s Deadpool all the way for me.


Carlton will be Hawkeye.


Demetriou chooses Wilson Fisk/ kingpin!


Dodoro to GWS : Shiel for 2018 round 1 pick ONLY or the teddy bear gets it!



I get Etihad to get brand recognition, but do I look up Marvel and buy comic books or decide to watch their movies cause of the stadium?