Marvel Stadium


Marvel have comic books now?


They don’t?


All players are required to wear capes there now


AFLs Mickey Mouse anyways


For those with small penises and think membership will give us all conquering power over time and space, if we moved to the g I recon we’d over take Richmond hawks in one pre season and wouldn’t need to sign up Fido and skittles in the process.
Or ■■■■ it extend marvel to 100 k. No make it 101. Or build it at Tulla. It’s only Geelong In vic that has its own ground. We should to.
I have a small ■■■■■.




I’m moving house.
I need to let it out


Thanks for asking though.
Moving house , stressful job, anxious missus, struggling parent, tinnea.
I’m watching back to the future 2 with my daughter and feeling better.
Biff is bad.


Comical alternative world overlord biff is one of my favourite characters ever


Kids are going “great Scott” and giggling in bed.
And that’s the end of school holidays.


You mean like this…?


That looks awesome


What about your tinnea?
Try Cicaplast. Its a white tube.
It worked on my barmaids hands so now they can performs their own marvels!




Do you know what Hisense do? I don’t.


And you won’t have to anymore given it’s now Melbourne Arena.


Has Garnier Fruitcus gone aswell?


Is that for real?
Looks ■■■■■■■ Sick!


tvs and tennis courts.


Well it’s real on a folder on my computer.