Marvel Stadium


I do.
I have one of their fridges.
Quite nice.


Was it cause of the stadium though?

-edit- for any marketing types out there, I am well aware that this is a silly question


my only memory of hisense arena was a guy fall out of the stands trying to get martina hingis’ autograph the first tournament back from her hiatus.


@Diggers ffs


No, it was because I liked the fridge.


What this time?


Barnz post above mine, he saw you all those years ago.


Essendon to wear underwear on the outside of shorts and come out in capes.
Let’s embrace marvel!


I’ve heard all club banners next year must just be huge capes with all the writing on the back, … any Marvel hero you want on the front.




That wasn’t me.


Marvel Studios have announced a deal with AFL Entertainment. Marvels new Southern Hemisphere HQ at Docklands will set the scene for a new reality series,

The “Footy Traders of Melbourne” pilot episode is scheduled for Wednesday prime time viewing . Depending on how many viewers are bored stiff or asleep by 830pm the show may be picked up, or may be reduced in 2019 just like the other failed AFL Entertainment product AFLX.

Media critics have observed that the ensemble cast will fail to attract a wide audience, suggestions include possible new hosts, Buddy and Jesinta, rather than either of the McLachlan brothers who have failed to attract sufficient audience numbers.


Caption for photo about our new light towers on the rehab field: “One of four light towers installed and tested on the Etihad training surface at the Hangar.”

I’m an old fuddy-duddy, I still call it Docklands.


A likely story.


Would suit the kicking accuracy theme.


This partnership the AFL has struck up with Marvel or Disney who whoever the ■■■■ owns it is a disgrace. I’ve never really given a toss about the Bulldogs, but tonight I feel very sad and sorry for their fans.





AFL trying to turn Aussie Rules footy into a Cosplay event. Fckn ridiculous.


Wow! I think we’ve officially jumped the shark.


Nobody saw this coming