Marvel Stadium


I’m all for seeing Saad streaming down the wing, with his Cape flowing behind him…


That jumper is a farking disgrace.

But I love it :joy:


It’s an improvement on their current poxy guernsey that’s for sure


Doggies are gonna be so Thor by the end of that game…




Oh that is sad. You can be sure this was dreamt up by some marketer who knows nothing about football or comics/movies.


NRL have been doing it for the past few years and the Marvel jerseys have always been the #1 seller vs the standard club issued jersey, with kids loving it. Not saying I like it, but can see why the AFL and a few clubs are getting on board.


Have they worn them in games? Having them as merch for kids and the team wearing them in an official premiership match are two different things


Yes, the players wear them in games. I believe every NRL club has a Marvel themed jersey and this is worn for 1 round with some clubs continuing to use them throughout the year.


Obviously it’s a tie-in to their No.1 fan, Chris Hemsworth (Thor for those under rocks).

But, Captain America suits their colours much better


Yes they are worn in games.
A couple of Roosters ones from the last few years



And when we play them, we’ll clash and have to wear our clash guernsey.

Gil and his AFL execs have truly made a farce out of our game and are pi55ing on its traditions from a very great height.




I heard the players are going to get changed in telephone booths.


Money is the root of all evil, and the afl loves rooting Australian football


It’s definitely going to be a money maker.


Can’t wait to see what happens when St Kilda announce their Brazzers™ sponsorship.


It’s not the first time this has happened though, remember fark carlton changed the blue on their jumpers to promote m&ms


ROC copping some flack on Twitter for this tweet, but I agree with him. We already live in a world saturated with generic marketing. Leave our jumpers alone, AFL.


Dogs sold out, but at least only for 1 game.

Probably still better than the hawks power ranger outfit.


I think for charitable causes its worth it - i.e when we had the seatbelt.

and like rather than light blue m&m’s if carlton or North had beyond blue themed tops would be supporting a cause.

Cricket fans love pink day at the cricket.

Indigenous jumpers are pretty cool…like would be good if all those jumper sales profits went to indigenous communities or remote football.
really like how the clubs are involving the indigenous players and community into the design of the tops, as it brings more positive engagement.