Marvel Stadium


“Whiskas” Hocking remembers well…


Probably worth mentioning that it also looks like a Dimmey’s & Forges piece of ■■■■ kids Knock-off $7 piece of merch…




What about tradition its gone right out the window. Hardly a sign of what an original footy jumper was and was it is becoming? What next Gil? It must keep you awake all night thinking up this stuff.


So some chatter around that Us Saints and Blues have also agreed to do this and North said no.


Surely if we were going to do this crap, could have happened in the JLT games.

Then we could have blamed the crap jumper for the poor performances :slight_smile:


Worst jumper I’ve seen in VFL/AFL history, and I include anything that Hawthorn has ever worn given how putrid their club colours are…


I like how people are kicking up a stink over this, but rule changes that haven’t even been tested and will be included in the regular season don’t even get this much discussion.


You mean the ones they just tested over two weeks of practice matches involving literally every club in the league, twice?

Fair point.


We have a constitution clause that would be tricky to get around, i think?

That said - I love Deadpool.
I will buy another High Mark membership if our team wears a full Deadpool outfit for at least one game. Full face mask and all. The commentary would be priceless.


Isn’t the constitution thing dead now we have an away jumpet?


Our away jumpers fulfill the constitutional wording - barely.


I hope we go Captain Marvel or Black Panther. Just to make those prone to losing their marbles instantly go full troppo.

I’m trying to mentally profile the type of being who would start off being uninterested in football, see these jerseys in games, and not only attend the game/buy a jersey but start following for life. All I’ve been able to come up with so far is a bowerbird.


Part of me is intensely hoping our club has a worse design in mind than the Bulldog’s one.
Infinitely worse hopefully. The club broke me with the wheat design for the country game a couple of years ago so now I couldn’t care how bad a design they can come up with.


■■■ i can’t believe it - we’re doing it!!!


Has Bomb_Doe hacked your account or is this legit?



OMFG I just cackled my head off in an inappropriate place


interesting euphemism.


They will have.