Marvel Stadium


Fookin Luxury …


Skinny little guy bulks up through super-secret experimental-drug enhancement program? Tell me opposition supporters aren’t going to tee off on that.


Hmmm, … would all the players getting bitten by a Radioactive Spider be considered performance enhancing … :thinking:


Funny that bloke that raged out and tried breaking into the plane, my first thought was that’s exactly what Jetstar’s policies drive people to do.


Just another reason we need to get out of there and back to the G!


and of course…



Probably because they aren’t expecting you to ever fly again.


Love it! I’m a Marvel fan “boy” from way back. Haven’t collected comics for eons but I’ve got hundreds of them stored at my mums. Long run of titles like FF, X-men starting from issue 1.

Given the profile of the company you’d reckon it would be a nice money earner for the AFL, and the “kids” are going to love it. Smart business all round




We should all just call it Docklands, make a statement, start a movement.




If Disney are splashing the dollars around… I reckon the AFL will be in next to lock in’Star Wars’ round for the next decade…


Who gives a ■■■■?

You people get ■■■■■■ off at the stupidest ■■■■


Only a matter of time I bet you!


Thanks for that. So great for the company not necessarily great for the stadium owner. And yes I have to agree also.


I flew Jetstar once.


If they were to give the naming rights after companies that produce comic books I’d prefer they go with MAD! Magazine.

When the roof closes it could close just like their back page fold-in with a clever cartoon on the inside of the roof.

Alfred E. Neuman can be the ground announcer and we can just name it “What Me Worry?” $tadium.

Let’s face it, it’s only appropriate as a tribute to the clowns that run the game…fmd!


I agree. Actually it’s stupid to have these brand names at all. Every time you look at the fixture you see a game is to be played at Domain Stadium or Optus Park or some such and you have no idea where it is.

So far as I’m concerned, the shithole is, always has been and always will be Docklands


Reckon they’ve been sold a turd, the Australian football fan is less into the bullshite they have in America. Go to a St Kilda game and try not to hate yourself.

We don’t want ‘activations’, the game changing experience we want is proper ball movement and a ■■■■■■ finals win.


Maybe we can sign up Thor, plonk him in the mid-field. we would be unbeatable.