Marvel Stadium


I haven’t read the thread but i will assume it will go the way most things on here go:

“f-ing stupid idea, who the f-ing watches those crap movies”

Meanwhile the area around the stadium is going to be expanding and become an entertainment hub, it is what the Vic Gov, Melb Gov and AFL want. Central to the is Marvel Stadium with the 7 network sitting there.

Smart move by the stadium to sign them for the next 8 years.


You’re miles off.

We said "who the f watches those crap movies, not “who the f-ing watches those crap movies”


My thoughts exactly.


Be awesome to have Chris Hemsworth unveiling the name.


Geez, people get worked up over everything these days.

And for every one of you who think “that’s it, I’m not going to games at that stadium anymore” (really??), there will be 100 kids saying “actually, I’ve changed my mind Dad, can we go to the football now?”

It’s actually a pretty good cross over.


clearly should have been ‘Disney Dome’


Does this move mean I can’t call it Jihad any longer?


My first reaction was that this is ■■■■■■■ weird, but then when you think about it it’s no more weird than having your stadium named after an airline or an insurance company






Hopefully they pull out of Manchester soon


Mock me all you like but the majority of my points earnt come from not flights but everyday spending and “earn and burn” credit cards and other promotions. It’s amazing to know how easy points are earned for not a lot of effort and can be used to redeem decent airfares. More than happy to chat about it over on the Travel thread though


You use the points to upgrade from economy (or premium) to business. That’s what we’ve done a couple of times


Yes, I understand how it works, lol.
You also need to spend money to get points.
It was a silly joke - let’s not over-analyse.


Wow that actually looks sick lol


In the late 1800’s, the city was dubbed “Marvelous Melbourne”, so it’s come full circle.


And just like that we have a new winner in the “who-gives-a-■■■■” cup…

People are seriously concerned with this?


APPLE iSquare, … MARVEL Stadium, … why stop there?

Rename the Westgate “Westfield Bridge”, FINDUS St Station, …and put a huge pair of Golden Arches across the heads and rename the city MAC-Melbourne!!


Deadpool 2’s Peter during the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters and Vanisher in the 3rd.


I do not give two farks about the name of the stadium.

I however do give very many farks if I’m constantly going to be bombarded with marvel images / products / promotions as part of the game day experience (which is exactly what it is being said will occur).