Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


Maybe I quoted wrong one, I was referring to someone complimentary to umpires last night


Late in the last quarter, the ($12 six packs) Monteiths Black Ales were going down a treat. We had responded to any late challenge St Kilda had and were well on top. Something dawned upon me, I was disappointed it was nearly over. I wanted another quarter (a Fifth?), so we could smash them by even more.


Was almost going to get those. Card deal at Dan Murpheys? Went with the Canadian Molsons instead to honour McGrath.


Yes, and after last nights win, apparently I'm gonna need a new party dress from!


When is a replay going to be put up by the AFL?

In the USA for work and wanting to watch the match.

Does anyone have a link?


I don't know if this has been mentioned but they had a players named Jake Carlisle who used to play for Essendon and left in poor circumstances and last night one of our best players Joe Daniher jumped on his shoulders and took mark of the year and made him look like an absolute pelican and it made me really really really really happy.


Also LOL at people who said the umpiring was good? It was one of the worst performances I've seen this season. It just so happened that we were on the good side of some ridiculous decisions.


Have we decided if our midfield is only good when Myers is in?


Doing my head in, guess they're all beavering away at integrity stuff and good governising


Yep, Dan's it was. In winter I like Dark ales/beers and the ensuing "Is that Guinness?" comment that often comes with drinking them. I need a new tipple though next time, been smashing the Monteiths of late.


And someone was listening, it's up now


Words that sound better when said by Dingus:


i dunno.

i put myself down for a few VFDs and servo motors every friday night.


Don't think this has been covered yet but I noticed that in the Roaming Brian segment post match, BJ pronounced the word "souvlaki" with an 'e' in the middle. Unfortunately a piece of lamb (or chicken perhaps?) fell out.

Good talk!


Get to work. I've run out of imagination this morning:


I'm usually the same with the malty dark stuff in cool weather. Tonight I felt like something crisp though and crisp it was. Nice drop.


Gay panic defence?


How much does Myers love a clearance.


ahhh...haha - didn't see the quote,. was thinking that was a bit left-field :slight_smile:


Saints fan behind me said they'd have been better off benching Hickey for the whole match, not nominating anyone in the ruck and just feed off TBell.

I just watched the replay and he's wrong. They'd have better off deporting him to ISIS controlled Syria