Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


How good was Zaharakis' off break?


I told you ■■■■■


But seriously Hickeys game was the single worst game from a player I have ever seen.

Calling him a pelican is an understatement


Such a joy to watch this match - the screamers and goals from Big Joe, the big overhead marks in front of the pack by Gleeson, the string of long passes as we went coast to coast, the slick handball and hard running flowing through the lines...the scoreboard ticking over, a comfortable lead and finally the four points and a boost in percentage.


Huge fan of 'Clinton Jones'.


Almost a… glorified version of a pelican, could you say?


I mean is there a new useless animal we can use for someone who is more useless than a pelican? Maybe a Bison? They're big slow and dumb so yeah that's Tom Hickey alright


Did you guys see that liam jones game where he ended up with about 4 frees against and like 2 disposals to ht?


How good is it to see us hunting in packs around contests and peeling off for long plays right up the ground? Screamers and decent scores. Multiple times this season and not just pinching games and falling over the line. Best we've looked in a long time.


Further to this, he got subbed at half time.


Watched the game on Fox Footy and all the 'experts' (bar Mooney, I think) tipped the Saints and were talking them up pre-game....
and then the Bombers came out and went BANG!!

All Eddie McGuire and Jonathan Brown could come up with post-game was to mention the 'drugs saga' in every second sentence. Carnts.

Was also glorious to watch Eddie get all defensive when questioned about Buckley's future. He would have run with that sort of story a hundred times, but when it's about his club, just watch him get all narky.


Eddie and that red neck can go ■■■■ themselves


Didnt get to bed until 3.30am last night was still pumped after the game. Woke up and im still buzzing!!!

Such a great night. How good is a friday night win to celebrate all weekend.

Groin grabbingly good thats how good

You can dance, you can dance- everybody look at your pants


He’s the pigeon


I just couldn't believe how bad the aints were though

So many fumbles, dropped chest marks, shanked kicks

It was like watching essington

Then I went and read the saintsational forum

It was like reading bomberblitz after a similar loss

Maybe other teams have an essington too?


While we were good last night, we've played some rubbish opposition in the last fortnight.


Couple of things, and I've only watched the first half, but Hep has been pretty good. He'll need to do a Hickey in the second to justify the calls about his game here. Other thing, some atrocious umpiring in the second quarter giving the lie to the reports of good umpiring here. In both cases I'm thinking it's contrasting standards - expecting elite from Hep, and ■■■■ from umps. Fun game to watch though


If Channel 7 want to make some big advertising money next year they'll pressure the AFL give us half a dozen Friday night games like this. We are too exciting to ignore.


Speaking of Pelicans, Bird was very good last night, especially in the first half. Should hold his spot.