Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


He was easily their best player imo.



Carlisle doesn't have to have been rubbish for Joey to have been great.


Tipped us to win by 55.


So doe the St Kilda fans on other forums


I said it in the match thread too, but Lingy's burn on him was actually pretty funny.


I didn't say Carlisle was sh*t.
I said that Carlisle rates himself higher than he actually is, and he underestimated the behemoth Daniher now is.

Carlisle has been out of the game for 12 months, and Daniher is leagues ahead when it comes to talent.


Does he? He rates himself higher than he is, does he?
Well, next time you see him, you tell him not to be so uppity, and to mind his place.


That's getting framed & going straight to the Pool Room!


With such a good win it's easy to forget how putrid the umpires were in the 2nd quarter. We were lucky StKilda were not good enough to take advantage of it.


Yes. The umpires seem to bet getting more and more incomprehensible.


I thought Carlisle was good.

I also noted that his conduct toward his ex-teammates was spot on. There was no big headed or hot headed behavior. He even intervened with bellchambers and a saints player at one stage. His exchanges with JD at the start of the game were sportsman like. He and Hooker seemed to be on good terms. I'm not sure he warrants criticism tbh.


Can't remember who the commentator was but I destinctly remember him saying in regards to Mark Athorn playing on Micheal Long "sherly he's to quick and talented for him". Yes, yes he was.


After Joe's mark in the goalsquare for his fourth:

It was genuine one-on-one contested mark that we'd still be talking about if he hadn't already pulled down the skyscraper. What's TBell saying, does anyone think?


Smash more cans?


Don't know if it's been mentioned but I loved the role Hooker played - popping up down back for a crucial mark or spoil when needed.


How good now when he takes the big marks you don't immediately have to think "hope we keep it in our forward 50 after this point"


It was a massive performance, gave the Saints absolutely nothing. I thought this review was an interesting one...

A mere six days after setting the football world alight with a sensational dismantling of Richmond, St Kilda had no answer to the maniacal pressure and effort from an Essendon side intent on keeping their finals hopes alive.


Saints were going into the game 9 - 6, far from rubbish. They put in a rubbish performance, because we dictated play, and the game was played on our terms.


One thing we're finally doing is what every other club has been doing for a couple years, THROWING THE FRICKEN BALL or DROPPING IT to a teammates advantage.

It ain't pretty, but we needed to keep up with the trend.


Pretty sure Greeny yelled out "this is for the brothers" when he banged that one through in the 4th quarter.