Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


So, Essendon VFL have 4 guys nominated. Boyse, Hind, Ferry and Strachan.





related to ziggy?


Hind looks like the kind of player that would add something to our list.


Are you prepared to read continual posts about his skinny-ness and how he needs to eat when not sleeping?


whatever it takes


I do




For those who watch VFL more than I do, would Strachan be a better option than Smack as back up ruck / forward


I’ve seen him like 3 games, so taking that into account my view is that the answer at this stage of his career is hell no. Maybe with an AFL preseason or two.


Find it funny that mature age SANFL blokes rarely get a mention yet there are plenty in the comp better than what’s running around in the VFL


It was the Herald Sun. You would expect them to have a Victorian bias. I assume plenty of guys from the SANFL would have gone to the SA state combine.


It’s not really funny, simply exposure. Feel free to mention them though.


So I’ve heard that he’s doing well again this year, and looking up his stats they are:

Season Grade Gms . Kks . Hbl. Disp . Mks . Gls . Pnts . Tackles
2017 League 18 … 204 … 41 … 245 … 90 … 60 … 28 … 30
2016 League 16 …136 … 42 … 178 … 67 … 40 … 24 … 27
2016 Reserves 4 … 38 … 11 … 49 … 17 … 11 … 6 … 7

So his stats seem pretty good. Over 3 goals a game this year, backing up his performance last year (I wanted him then to, but I love me my small forwards).

In the Matera thread I was pointing out that a small forward would be useful, as they would allow Walla and Raz to spend more time in the midfield, and as cover against injuries.

For anyone in WA, what is he like and should we be considering him from some point in the draft (e.g. say the third round, after taking some mids)?


Who was that Graham bloke running around for the VFL on Saturday?

Looked good, but couldn’t find much background info.


Not enough tackles for a small forward


I like Nick Hind as a player. Great kick, quick decisions, fleet of foot.

Ideal would be if he could play back pocket, but I am not sure he has been given that job often enough to know if he can do the defensive parts.





Wasn’t he a 23rd man? In which case he’d be an U18.


Terrific footballer and has played in defence every time I’ve seen him. He’s probably more of a half back than a back pocket though. However, he is very, very skinny, probably too lightly built for an AFL footballer, but I would be more than happy to see him get a rookie spot all the same.