Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


If so, WSPHU.


Edit: I think 23rd man was Llewin Davis.


From the EFC site, including the typo:

“23rd man rule. An eligible player can play five games as the 23rd player. Player are eligible if they are playing their first season out of the TAC Cup as a 19 year-old, or if your 20 that year but playing your first state league contract.”

He’s a late addition to our VFL list (no, i don’t know what the rules are on that) and not a 23rd man or young (25yo).


Haiden Schloithe is a name that’s come up


Looks like a name that was spewed up.


Boring film from the Coens.


He didn’t play inside much though.


Probably past the top end for a rookie spot then.

Also, my rating of him is based on a sample of one match.

WSPHU still.


He’s a Ladykiller???


Any of the WA posters have any thoughts on Tim Kelly?

Tim Kelly’s Krakouer-like season with South Fremantle

…There is the same slightly stooped posture, the low, spearing right-foot drop punts, but most of all, the remarkable ability to gather the ball cleanly while moving at top speed through heavy traffic. Busy rather than prolific ball-winners, the premium value of their disposals was underlined by the cleanliness of their ball-handling, the precision of their use and their forensic decision-making.
And now that Kelly, 22, has added goal kicking to his list of attributes as the most creative stoppage player at the Bulldogs, he is starting to mirror Krakouer’s impact as a genuine match winner. Articulate and eager to complete his electrical apprenticeship this year, Kelly’s breakout season is a critical factor behind the Bulldogs being premiership favourites.

Averaging about 25 disposals a game, 1 goal, 3 tackles, 4 marks.


How good was this call back in 2015!


Have said before he is fkn good and we would love him. Immediate selection pressure on Colyer but he’s more “smooth with zip” rather than express Colyer/Lewis Jetta pace. Though he is fast…


Has he been drafted before?


Yep, Freo.

Could/should have won the Sandover last year, (hopefully) now realises what it takes.



Has turned 23 and is one of 10 WA invitees to the draft combine and the only mature age player from WA (1 of 2 overall). Apparently the knock on him in previous years was his disposal but he must have worked hard on it because he’s one of the better users in the WAFL from what I have seen.

disposals was underlined by the cleanliness of their ball-handling, the precision of their use and their forensic decision-making

Played well for WA when they beat the VFL this year. Had a 35 possession 7 goal game against a weak East Fremantle team but has also had big games against good opposition including games of 38 and 39 disposals.

I understand Carlton are very keen on him.


So quick, clean, plays as a central midfielder and is in an age bracket we need. I think I’m jumping on his band wagon!


“forensic” is a really strange word to use when describing a footballer


This is where we need to be playing. Find a good mid, early 20s who is hungry for the opportunity




One? Find three!!

It probably helps if the first one is “forensic”, he can analyse the stinking carcass of our midfield and work out why it died and what’s growing on it.


how do you even start to pronounce this?

would it put basil or bt into comas?