Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


Nick. HIND.


Aaron Heppell is a definite for me, should have rookies him last year. At worst would be a good replacement small defender for Baguely, have a feeling he’d offer a lot more than that though.
Nick Hind is also a good shout, and maybe Boyse.


A Hepp didn’t even play the full vfl season, and I’m not sure what exactly he offers anyway.
Smallish, slowish, poor skills. Reasonably good in a contest. There’d be 5 guys I’d take first from our vfl side



Hepp A’s window was last year.

Sadly he missed.

Then got injured.

And I think the moment has passed.


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I think this year and how the game is currently played had proven az would’ve been a bad pick


Not really sure what you mean there. So long as there are small forwards, there will be a need for small defenders.
Plus, didn’t his Rookie spot go to Yestin Eades? Can’t have ended any worse than that.

McGrath will move into the midfield and Baguely is 30, we will need someone to take over that role. Yes he was injured this year, that does happen on occasion, but I saw enough in his B&F year last year.
He’s only 22, wants it, has shown lots of improvement over his time. Don’t get the slow claims either. May not be Usain Bolt, but he’s no plodder. Showed some ability as a midfielder at the end of 2016 as well.


SEAN GREGORY made VFL team of the year I see!

Much underrated player when he was with us.

< I think I was his only supporter, and that because I felt sorry for him>


As a small defender Ben McNiece would be ahead of him on attributes that transalte to AFL level. If we were going to get another mature aged small defender in the lock down mold they would want to at least project as good as McNiece if not better. And if we are drafting him as a midfielder he would want to have shown more than “some ability” given there are guys who regularly tear it up at state level (which he may if he plays as a mid next VFL season).

To be honest this sounds like romanticism on your part (and while I’m not against giving family of players and past players a little leeway they still need look like they have that next step).


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Bound to be some bias, granted. I’ve only really seen Bombers VFL games and I was very impressed with him in 2016.


Take good care of yourself, that is pretty frightening stuff.


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I don’t know he was ever a thing other than on Blitz.


He’s been pretty poor in 2017, albeit coming off a long injury lay-off.

Interesting that Holmes has also been poor.


He hardly played all year due to quite a serious injury IIRC. Navicular maybe? He was only right to play in the back end of the year.


Mitch Grigg won the Magarey tonight


Is he still a


Never was


Forgive my ignorance Aceman but what sorta player is he? I’d assume you’ll know a bit about him being from Norwood?