Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


Should we try and add Grigg for nothing if we can?


Inside mid bull, does a lot of the grunt work. Is a excellent extractor of the ball, similar in size to Rockcliff. Does lack a little in pace but not the slowest going around.


May be worth a look. At Adelaide, because they were so strong, it looks like most of his games were as a forward. If his real talent is as a clearance midfielder… then COME ON DOWN!!!


Is he one-paced, two-paced or multi-paced?


Did he have a booming left foot kick?
For some reason I had him pegged as a similar player to David Myers.

I think he’s been good at SANFL for a while now but just caught injuries at the wrong time or couldn’t find a spot in the Adelaide midfield.


I’ve said elsewhere we should really be targeting Adelaide fringe players, and Grigg is ex-Adelaide. You only have to see the impact Lyons had elsewhere. Opportunities have been scarce, and there may be some incredibly cheap players with upside.


Liam Ryan…get it done Dodo

71 Goals from a 184cm small forward…great mark…an absolute ripper


Sounds like Corey Dell’olio.

I just know one poster who is going to like this guy…


Like it a lot Kickett. If this guy is any good, allows us to bolster midfield with Walla and/or Fantasia.

Ace, do you think Grigg’s strengths will translate to AFL & more importantly are his weaknesses likely to prevent him taking that next step?


Definitely think he can take the next step. Walsh loved him at the Crows but he fell out of favour a bit with the first Camporeale and then Pyke. Has matured heaps in the last couple of years and admitted he was a bit despondent due to injuries and being out of the side. Tom Mitchell, Sam Mitchell and Priddis were all plodders who were very good at extracting the ball and getting into the right areas, pace isn’t everything and Grigg is quicker than all 3 of those. I hope some one rookies him and he gets another crack


This is the sort of player I’m ok with taking a punt on. I’ve been told the draft I’d rather thin this year & delisting 6-7 players probably isn’t the way to go. I’d be ok with spending a 4th rounder on a guy like this. I’m sure he learned a lot via his first stint & likely has a better understanding of what’s required if he gets another shot.


I’d still be happy to delist 8 or 9 guys. Upgrade a guy like Draper to the senior list.

Take 2 or 3 guys like Grigg in the hope of snagging one mid that ends up best 22. One late in the national draft (or even PSD) and 1 or 2 rookies. Then they’d be on 1 year contracts. I’d rather these guys on one year contracts than Howlett / Bird / Hocking




Watched him a few times on NITV


Maybe even skinnier than that.


He’s ‘wiry’.


Yeah I agree, the club always has an excuse as to why they can hold on to players longer than they should and never do a proper clean out. Time to bite the bullet post saga and move at least 7 on, even if we take a few more mature agers, long shots and maybe delisted FA’s than usual. Then steady it over the next few year.


I heard about this kid a few years ago around u15 champs time and saw him play for the Buffalos a little bit.

Hard to get a gauge on the footy up there and how he would react to pressure but he is driven and although from the bush seems to be thriving from being in the system so well worth a shot.


Only the rookies. Anyone taken in the national draft will be on two year contracts.


Unless they’re over 23 or have previously beein on an AFL list. Then they can get 1 year contracts.
Edit: at least that was the case under the previous CBA. I don’t believe the new one has been published anywhere, so I can’t confirm it’s still the case.


@Aceman What is your read on Harrison Wigg? I keep reading him as a delisting. Seems to smash it in the SANFL but cant get a run for the Crows. Is there more to it, is he just not ready for the step up or are they just blessed with too many quality users off half back?