Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


They can, but does anyone actually nominate on that basis?


No idea. I’d be surprised if many players in that category would be nominating terms though.

Edit: to clarify, by default they can be given a one year contract, but if they want to they can instead nominate their payments for a two year contract. I wouldn’t think that a player who’s happy to go in the rookie draft would go to the effort of filling out the “you must offer me a two year contract” portion of the draft nomination form.


He goes alright, is a mid that can win plenty of the ball. Doesn’t use it as good as Grigg and similar paced as him.
They went H2H in both games this year
First game Grigg had 33 and Wigg 30 with both having over 20 of those as contested possessions. Second game both had 27.
Can’t see Wigg breaking into their midfield


Not sure how to pronounce his name but Haiden Schloithe won the Sandover medal. 24 years old.

Schloithe averaged 28 disposals for the Bulldogs and showed he can go forward by booting 27 goals in 19 games.

He has been invited to the WA State Combine next month, which requires interest from at least two AFL clubs.


Can we just pick up Grigg as a Delisted free agent - as has been on a AFL List before, or do we have to draft/Rookie him?


Sounds promising, but I’m concerned we aren’t putting enough time into the actual slowest going around. Can anyone assure me that this is happening?


The latter, a player is only a DFA he year they’re delisted


Someone was mentioning a really skinny WA player who they compared to Fantasia. Not Ryan, someone else. Can anyone recall which thread it was in? I haven’t found mention of him going back in this thread, and he had me curious.


Tim Kelly came second.

The more I read on Kelly, the more I would really like to give him a shot at EFC.


This one maybe?


Yep, that was him. Thanks. Cody Ninyette. Looked him up, averaging 16 disposals, 1.6 goals, 3.8 tackles, and 2.9 marks.
But only 175cm/58kg.

In a shallow draft, sounds like a candidate for the rookie list. Long odds, but has forward pressure and good skills (from what others are writing).

But then, I like my classy HFFers! :laughing:


We should get both Kelly and Schloithe PRONTO




Not sure if Dell is being serious or not but a mate of mine in WA has been saying how good these guys are for a couple years now. Certainly had standout WAFL seasons. Both invited to combines, one state & one at the main gig so definitely generating interest. Sounds as though Kelly is the type of player we should be looking at. Any WA guys here care to add anything extra for those of us who haven’t seen these guys play?


Average height and pace but they tick most other boxes: creative goal kicking mids who know how to find the ball, very efficient disposal and love to tackle.

The talent has always been there but they showed great maturity this year to dominate the WAFL. They were among WA’s best in the win over the VFL in May.

Paul Haselby coached them in 2014 and is encouraging clubs to draft them. Hasleby said Schloithe was ready to perform well at AFL level after overcoming serious foot and ankle injuries in the previous 2 years and showing maturity as a player/person. With Kelly the knock in previous years may have been average disposal and fitness but clearly not an issue now.

Peter Spencer a former Sandover Medallist said this about Kelly: “He watches the ball better than just about any other player in the league. He goes to where the ball is going to be because he watches it so closely and can read its path. That ability means that he is just about at top pace when he gets to the ball and his clean handling and awareness of what is happening around him in heavy traffic give him remarkable weapons and make him a rare player. He is a taller version of Jim Krakouer. He has the same balance, the same ability to get through traffic and also kicks to the advantage of the players ahead of him.”

Schloithe is also very skillful but more aggressive. The type that annoys opposition players and fans. He is very damaging in front of goals (30 goals 9 pts this year) and knows how to draw a free kick.

I expect both to be drafted. If I had to choose one I would pick Kelly. A clever and creative mid with good skills who can set-up play is what we need.


Saw the article on Nick Meese yesterday. Given the stats it is amazing that he hasn’t been picked up. Though he does sound a little like Smack on steroids. Wondering if any of the VFL watchers here had seen him play and had a comment?


Saw and article on Anthony Miles the other day and his stats were even better than those two WAFL players in the VFL this season. I wonder if it would be better to just get him for a late pick.


His stats are also very good at AFL also.

But you forget. blitz don’t like Miles…


Average height and pace worry me. are you using average in the sense most people do, which is ‘mediocre’ or in relation to the afl? not blistering but not slow


Kieran Strachan is a chance for a rookie spot. West Coast have also shown some interest.