Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


Can we rename this thread after Paul Thomas


I’m not an expert on Miles, but many of the criticism about him revolve around disposal efficiency and speed. Two issues Hill and Schloithe don’t have, and wouldn’t be picked up in state level stats.

And of course, VFL is a weaker competition by most reports.


He’s about 29, looks to be about 195cm and built like a brick shithouse. Wouldn’t have any use to an afl system.


Watch him play afl

You’ll see why he plays vfl.


Miles is way better than Howlett, bird & Myers. If one of them is on the list and not Miles if available then that is a missed opportunity to improve your list.


  • Myers will be on the list. Suspect 1 of Howlett and Bird will be as well.


Couldn’t give a stuff of who’s better out of Bird v Howlett v Miles, if any of them are getting a game next year we’re in dire straits.

Myers at full steam is a class better. He’s just broken too much.


We need 1 bloke and 1 bloke only and it is Tim Kelly.
He will free up other players in our midfield for he is a midfield clearance machine!
Could we get Rocky aswell? Would be good!


I’m on the Kelly bandwagon


I meant not blistering but not slow. They are probably better than average. You’ll get a good indication of Kelly’s speed from the highlights Frosty posted. He kicked 7 goals from 35 disposals that day. They are about 183 cm tall.


Yeah saw that before, looks to be a type of midfield we’re desperate for.


Agree. It also explains why Kelly is only 1 of 2 mature aged players to be invited to the draft combine.


Pity Jye Bolton said no to Frankston. Does that mean he doesn’t want to play football in Victoria?


I thought he was from WA.
He might have played VFL, WAFL and SANFL so maybe he’s going to NEAFL next?


Kwame McHarg… that’s all.


Why would I not be being serious?

They would both fit in VERY well at EFC


Another interesting one: Clubs in a flap over NT Thunder go-go gadget

There are a few small fast forwards who I’d be interested in for the rookie draft.


THis must be the most made-up sounding footy club in existence.


Sounds well worth a slot.

A very Walla like story, and he’d certainly help him a lot with adjustment & in an inspirational sense.

Not to mention the name!

I can hear it being called by BT in wresting intro fashion already.




Is there any case for Aaron Heppell to join our team as a rookie?