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I reckon luck has conspired against him.

He was very good in 2016 and I reckon pretty close to being picked up. Certainly would have been discussed.

But he was injured in 2017 and never really got the chance to build a case or improve. He wasn’t as impactful and sadly I think his chance has gone.

We have other VFL players like Hind who it would appear have leaped ahead of him as well.

I feel sorry for him.

He is also a bit slow.


He is the next Adrian McAdam


How so?
You mean he’ll kick a lot of goals one year then disappear?


In 1993, he joined John Longmire and Wayne Carey in the North Melbourne forward line and kicked 7 goals on his debut. His goal tally was the most ever by a North Melbourne player on debut and he followed it up with 10 goals against Sydney the following week and then 6 goals against Footscray. This gave him a total of 23 goals from his first three games in the AFL (which is still a record) and he finished the year with 68 goals from his 17 games.[1] He was unable to repeat this performance in 1994 and, after managing just one game in 1995, his league career was effectively over.


Maybe… bit more that he is an utter freak at football.


But he does make Marty Gleeson look like Kevin Smith


He would offer absolutely nothing IMO.


Bags won’t be done for at least 12 months. Gives Heppell (and McNeice) another season to give selectors/recruiters a view that they can fill his shoes when he goes.

Although I think “offers absolutely nothing” is a bit harsh, I agree right now he is nowhere near consideration.


I find this opinion very Saad.


If we get Saad (which would please me), is he really a Bags replacement or a McGrath/Kelly replacement? We’re going to need a lock down option to replace Bags.


I was against Saad early as I thought he was purely a shortish attacking HBF, and I didn’t think we needed him. But someone put up a stat that indicated he goes alright in the defensive stakes.

While I have no idea how true that is, because quite honestly who watches GCS, it could mean that Saad might make a very good Baguley replacement. And we definitely need one of those.

Having a player with both attacking and defensive skills also seems to match Worsfolds MO.


All agreed. Really, we’d like two! :wink: Hopefully Saad and McNeice can fill those two roles, or Redman.


Gives us 12 months to look for someone who might cut it. AHep ain’t it. Not sure McNeice is either.


I would rather they fill those two roles than fill Redman.


Eek! :open_mouth:


Sorry pal but Bags is cooked, does not have the pace whether be age or the knee he will not play past 2018.


Where did I say he would?


Whoops meant for Henry’s Angry Pil.


Nick Hind running a very handy 2.92 secs for the 20m sprint at the Vic state combine today. This would’ve placed him 6th at the national combine.

Alex Boyse also with a good time of 2.98 secs to be the second quickest of the VFL guys. That time would’ve been just outside the top 10 at the national combine.


I like Nick Hind.

If he doesn’t get a shot with us I hope he still gets a shot.