Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


Kicked straight to the opposition twice in that short clip. Will fit right in!


Is Ferry an option ?

If the Francis thing is true and goes ahead, would he be worth a look?


Possibly as Ferry was at the State Combine


Hind would be a perfect pick-up as a rookie.

Is ready made for AFL and would cost virtually nothing salary cap wise.


Our VFL players would have been nominated by other teams right? Because if we wanted to interview them or see how far they get in the yo yo test we could have just done that during training?


Added to this thread.




On the “neither performed well in the yo-yo test” comment. Which I know wasn’t meant as a negative, rather results were only released for the top 10
Hind scored 21. 10th for the state combine was 21.1, so he was just outside the top 10.

Hope we are looking at him in one of the drafts.


I personally think Hinds game would translate to AFL better than Boyse and would love for him to get picked up by the bombers.


Yup, a certain number of invites from clubs gets you to state combine. A larger number gets you to the main national combine.

I’d like to see us look at Hind, I think he’s more likely a rookie, but if our first pick is 50, he might come into play.


Can anyone point me towards the full combine results?

Because poor performers are as interesting as top 10s IMO…


If he comes ultra cheap… i cant believe im saying this… would we consider for a backup midfielder shudder Sharrod Wellingham?




actually aaron mullet just got delisted. would think he has more of a chance than wellingham. fark that hipster loser


I agree… I can’t believe you said it either.


im actually disgusted in myself. if only i could turn back time.


Cher might be able to help you there


Wears reading glasses with non script lenses. Would not surprise if he turns up on the news a year out of footy at the centre of an eccy import ring.


We need to get Liam Ryan in…would make Tippa so yesterday!!!

He smashed it at the WA combine today. ‘HUMAN HIGHLIGHT REEL’