Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


Yeah he’s been mentioned before and is exactly the type of player we should be looking at. With later picks due to trading we should be looking at mature but talented players.

Although I remember another article saying multiple clubs were interested so I have no idea where he is expected to go. Hope we are interested.


Given our picks, this thread is now very relevant!


Kelly and Schloithe please.

Insta midfield


Surely they’ll go before pick 48 in this “weak” draft?


Can’t be bothered posting it anywhere else but we are into ben miller and have had a couple of discussions with him. Tall ruckman/key forward from over here, plays for Subiaco. I’m related to him

Our interest with ninyette is still around the mark too


The Ben Miller who was in the early seasons of Death in Paradise and was Alexander Armstrong’s comedy partner?

Can’t see it myself.


I think you’d be right. Kelly got an invite to the national combine, and West Coast have loaded up on picks this year for a rebuild.
Unfortunate, Kelly would be a handy addition.


Any specials for this year benfti?
Must be about time for his annual thread.


Anything you could tell us about either blokes?


Yep, you’d think WCE would snaffle him unfortunately. Sounds exactly the type we want (not slow, inside/outside, good disposal).


Cool. I love me my talented HFF players. Here is what I had on him earlier in the thread:


Just about there, and given our new draft position I’m having a lot of fun with this one now.

And for those wondering yes Sambono and Dom Grant are there.


Here is one I baked - sorry, prepared earlier.


Ben Miller. 18yo 196cm? Seems more a ruck by reading a couple of things. Can he play KP? And is he taller than 196 now?

If he was an athletic 196 who could play KP I’d be keen. Basically if he was a younger McKernan with a shorter neck!

Combine invite, so clearly a chance. 2.91 20m spring, 8.10 agility, 30/30 goalkicking.


I’d be looking closely at a few of the 2016 draft that got passed over. Seems to have been a strong draft and so guys may have looked poorer for having played in a talented bunch.


Bailey Banfield perhaps…overlooked, 188/87, gone at 25 ppg 5 tackles per game in the WAFL


So him, Miller who you mentioned, on Big Footy someone mentioned Sam Walker, there was Scharenberg who was considered unlucky, I’m sure there are more from that crop who might be worth a look at.


Scharenberg was expected to go top 20 or 30.

Someone will take him in the rookie draft.

There must be some major deficiency all 18 clubs have identified. And he’s not a tall player who takes a while to come through.

All the phantom drafters on BigFooty mean jackshit. They, and the journalists who predict, don’t draft for a living.


I didn’t say we should draft him, I just said we should have a second look at that draft class for maybe some hidden gems.

I’d add especially anyone who missed a chunk due to injuries.


I vaguely recall the issue with Scharenberg was that he didn’t have enough talent to make up for his personality.