Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


Kind of not Ants point though. We arent talking about people from last year, we’re talking about how people have progressed 12 months later.

Sam Mitchell also went undrafted as am 18yo.

Or for an example closer to our hearts Tippa went undrafted for years. Does that mean benfti knew jacksh*t, and then he didn’t?


Yes :slight_smile:


Looking forward with great anticipation to how this thread develops. A lot of potential in here.



More than that, Mitchell was not a great player when he eventually was drafted. It took him quite a few years to develop into the player he was at the end.


Adam Sambono is the one we should be able to snuffle at 48


Scharenberg has not improved at all from last year. He will be very lucky at best


Of course but he did win the rising star in his first year of AFL…


Second year.


Good Kalgoorlie boy isn’t he?


On that theory we should take Jye Bolton if he wants to come over and why not xpat players from other clubs…would be preferrable than untried in a weak draft. That’s the difficult answer to the question…Go with an untried 18~20 yo that we can’t get in a top pick or an AFL player that is around 20~22 with a few games of experience?


I know nothing about Sambono apart from what is written in this tread, and l already like the sound of him. He sounds like he has a bit more than just X factor, he sounds more like he has footy freak factor.


Yeah most of us had footy freak factor too in under 17s but cameras weren’t on phone back then, you had to load 1000$ recorder with a cassette tape.
If it was raining good luck!


My interest was drawn to Aiden Domic as a late-pick, good-sized, hard-working mid prospect…pretty scruffy player, but effort appears to be top notch.

Anyway, I only just learnt that he has an indigenous background.

He tested well in the 2km at the combine…but not on any of the other test leaderboards…which kind of fits what you see in his footage. It’s all about work rate.

Don’t know if he is on the @benfti radar…but I want to watch a bit more video of him.


Hot rubbish.
He was third in the league for clearances in his first full year of afl. Immediate impact.


Okay. I guess my recollection was faulty.


Iirc also polled like 31 of a possible 33 votes in the VFL as a 19 y/old


And some 13 year old on here was saying he didn’t have any standout strengths when he came into the system.


A possible hidden gem is Matthew Parker from South Fremantle (21yrs 190cm 81kg). He was selected in the WAFL team of round 19:

The 21-year-old has seemingly come from nowhere in 2017 and earned his debut on Saturday at league level and had a huge impact for South Fremantle. Did originally play 15 reserves matches in 2015 at Perth before returning to Melville to play in the B-Grade Amateurs last year before lobbing at the Bulldogs. After playing 16 reserves games including a host of standout performances, he made his league debut on Saturday and was a star with four goals from 16 possessions and four tackles.

I’ve only seen him play twice but saw enough to make me think he could have a successful AFL career if a team was prepared to select him. He has good height, pace, skills (nice kick - hit some nice 50m passes plus some flair), aggression and plenty of swag.

I spoke with someone I know at South Fremantle who mentioned Parker has the right body shape to succeed at AFL. IMO Parker could make the jump to AFL quickly with a good preseason. He has been played as a HFF but I see him more as a goal kicking wing breaking lines with his pace and long kicking. His height would give our centre line a better mix.

I also asked about Tim Kelly and Haiden Schloithe. The club was confident Kelly would be drafted possibly Carlton or WCE but thought if Schloithe was drafted it was more likely as a rookie.


Who would you use on our list as a comparison for Parker’s pace?


Carlton has done all the work in the world with Kelly as I think I’ve mentioned before.