Mature aged recruits hidden gem longshots


I am guessing here but my impression is he is a little quicker than Zaharakis. He is listed as 190cm and sometimes the taller player doesn’t look as quick as a smaller player like Colyer but probably covers the same or more ground.


Yes, Carlton were one of the first clubs to show real interest in Kelly. I wouldn’t be surprised if WCE got a jump on other teams and used one of their 2nd round picks on Kelly.


That’s good. I think Zaharakis or a little quicker pace is fine for a winger, especially a 190cm one.


It’s a long shot that any club will consider Parker let alone draft him but I genuinely believe he can succeed at AFL and would be a good fit with our game plan and list make-up.




Matt Guelfi could fit us. Possibly a bit light for an inside mid but I like the idea of a midfield that is able to hit the score board (i.e. Stringer)


When I read it I thought he might make a good back pocket.


Thats what I was thinking.

Good replacement for Bags.


New recruit for the VFL side at least. Likes a goal in big moments.


Any of the WAFL watchers on here know much about Guelfi?


Liam Ryan


Are you really asking?

There was an article on the EFC website a week or so ago if you are.


Matthew Parker has been training with us. Lightning quick.


I didn’t expect this but it has made my day. This guy looks a serious talent @benfti
Do you know if he just rocked up asking for an opportunity to train or did we invite him?


@Enki maybe I underestimated his pace.


I’m told he came “second in all the tests”. NFI how to interpret that.


Me either because he wasn’t mentioned in any combine results.


My guess is it’s internal EFC testing and time trials etc.


Not sure, are we taking about Parker from South or North Shore?

South is actually originally a Melville boy, so that would be rad, plus he is on my list coming later today!


Yes from Melville. Look forward to seeing your list - thanks Ben.