McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


The one on the highway has better toons pumping from the passing by 90s model commodores anyway.


It’s more it was the end of lease and food courts are a bit of a waste of time.


Is there a move away cos I think fountain gate closed too


You spend way too much time in food courts.


I cannot confirm or deny, but yes.


Hey mum the fountain gate maccas has closed down. Where are we gonna go now?

Now kimmy, I think that’ll be good for you, your starting to get your fadubadahs back


Worked in retail most of my life


Really? Is that just certain smaller food courts?

Most of the ones I see in shopping centre food courts are absolutely choccas. So much so that I avoid them even if the kids are driving me mad, can’t be bothered waiting in the huge lines.

Suppose the rents would be extortion, even for a big corp.


Case by case - but generally smaller SCs we won’t renew.

We won’t go into many new SCs either.



HJs are doing a vegan cheeseburger.

Surely they have their hand on it with that one.


Cant get my local Maccas (any of the 5 in within 10km of my joint) on UberEats. Are all suppose to offer this or just select ones?


Yes, … VEGAN Cheese.



513 across country offer delivery, however the radius of delivery is quite tight. If you have one withing 2km you might be lucky. Outside of that, you’re no chance… for now.

Challenge with UE is that, despite the speed they have grown, there’s a challenge around flex and “one size fits all”.


Does the platform allow the vendor to prohibit multiple deliveries on the same trip?

Cos that’s the worst if you’re not the first drop off.


We have a global agreement that “batching” of McDonald’s orders is not allowed.

That doesn’t stop Tony Two Phones from having multiple accounts though - relies on restaurants reporting dodgy characters.

We may be forced to trial batching as UE push their need to be more profitable. Not making money must suck.


Use the big McStick and don’t budge.


If that starts up down here maccas could be charged with genocide


Breaking my own rule, but I ordered from GyG with UE from a restaurant 750m from our place. Yeah I could have walked but baby was sleeping.

When old mate picked my order up, they told me that he was dropping another order off first… my expected delivery time was 19 minutes.

So he drove 4 KM in the opposite direction and then drove back to drop my food off. Stone cold.

I complained online (because you cannot call them) and they gave me a $10 voucher. Thanks UE. I spent $25 on food, but that $10 makes it all better.

Who gets the ■■■■ reputation in this situation? As far as I see it, it’s not GyG’s or the Driver’s fault, it’s UE. Does the regular consumer think that though…