McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


I’ve had two similar experiences from places I rate using Uber.

I’m pretty sure mr regular consumer is going to be at least a little ■■■■■■ with all parties involved.


Yep. but it’s not the restaurant’s fault. They have no idea it’s batched until old mate rocks up and is picking up two orders.

They pay the same commission too.


In terms of that delivery, definitely not the restaurant’s fault.

In terms of having an agreement with Uber in the first place… I recognise the difficulties in saying no, but the restaurant said yes.


I’m not sure they have a choice to be honest. Not many can bring 36,000 restaurants globally to the table as a ■■■■ swinging exercise.

Make no mistake, UE are a difficult company to deal with.




One evening walking around home saw an Uber Eats guy was dropping off … liquid dripping profusely from the bottom of the bag. Recipient had that WTF look on his face. Delivery guy had a WTF look on his face and liquid on him and no doubt inside his car.


We’re def down south in Hobart, Rosny and Sandy Bay etc.


I believe it.

They know they have grunt and they don’t give a ■■■■ who they break with it.


delivery wise?

jeez don’t let it come to launny or NW coast. Were the ones that tip the national curve into obese.

No offence.


If Uber drive there, we’ll end up delivering.


That being said, McD now account for 20% of their revenue for Eats.


That is such a contrast to your attitude to the Bunnings thing, …


Alternatively, I’m keen for two behemoths not to join forces.


Ive seen that at the local Nandos. A bloke had 2 phones.

Also I was able to Track mine once. They went to 1 house on the other side of my suburb and then mine. Was bout 20 minutes later than predicted.


I would be surprised if uber had longevity. They are disrupter, yes, but they can’t even post a profit. Anywhere.


McRib next Wednesday


If anything is going to bring @Riolio out of self imposed exile, its this news


nah its the lemon pie.


Fkn rpa