McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


A fair few resturants are pulling out of uber eats because the grief (blame from cold food etc) does not fall on the driver, or eats it falls on them and they give up circa 30% of the order to eats as commission.

Can’t see it surviving at some stage they will need to charge the consumer the actual cost of delivering the food, and who is going to pay $10+ to get their meal delivered.

But then Gen Y have some interesting ideas on money…


The consumer isn’t intelligent enough in most cases to delineate between fault for cold food. Consumer sentiment goes against the restaurant, however monetarily Uber wear the cost of any refunds for cold food.

edit: the additional piece is missing items - if the driver isn’t honest and eats a sneaky item…


Does that actually happen you reckon? Drivers eating the food?


Absolutely. The good ones certainly don’t. The good ones also don’t rock around with two phones and two accounts with different names, one a car and one on a bike, and self batch orders for delivery.


Ah! So that’s what the bicycle that’s never actually a bicycle delivery means!?


How the frig do Uber, and for that matter maccas, get away with that? Technically your Uber becomes a food transport vehicle and attracts the required inspection and registration, at least down here it would. I know that sounds over the top but isn’t Uber pretty much some bum undercutting taxi combined? If it’s a rat infested ■■■■ heap you’ve got more problems than how cold your happy meal is.


Don’t think so.

Food transport vehicles and those regulations, only really apply to raw or foods requiring refrigeration. Not prepared foods in this fashion, atleast that’s how I believe it works in Victoria. Just need an insulated bag for some hygenie and necessity (irate customers) rather than any real regulation.

Before Uber got involved, just thinking about all the clapped out old cars your local pizzeria or chinese used to use for deliveries. Doubt they would pass any inspection.


you want it fit for its original purpose ie hot. And the way it was made, and intended to be consumed. No one wants it delivered from some yob that’s dropped the order on his floor mat, picked it up with hands that haven’t been washed since his last gastro movement and then stuck it back together swak.
And is he aware that his dog having his balls in his sundae is it a means of temp control?
There’s a heap of stuff they should at least make a driver aware of, and even if it’s a basic thing there’s still a heap of llletigous ■■■■ someone could ping on any organisation if they find negligence either from maccas or the driver.


Lol don’t disagree with any of that.

I could be wrong, just going by what I’ve seen, but a lot of it is driven by quality of service, not necessarily regulation.

Although technically if you want it the way it was intended you need to eat in, the minute it is delivered it isn’t the same.

Doubt drivers handle the actual food much.


Maybe not intentionally but knocking it on the floor, even if it’s the cleanest cab you’ve ever come across, doesn’t prevent it hitting the floor where someone’s feet have been. This is subject to the integrity of the packaging obviously.
And then there’s the topic of sabotage which goes way beyond having a toss into some ones fish burger, although that sauce has always been highly suspicious. The strawberry thing is a random example but if someone wants maximum impact food would be a decent vehicle. Pardon the bun.


I believe in miracles McDav.

Can it be permanent?


We want the rib
‘Tis no fib
It makes a mess
I need a bib





I’ve waited 15-20 years to try the McRib.


The meat wasn’t porky enough and the ‘patty’ needs to be more firm, or have some grissly caramelised meat bits added for texture.

The copious bbq sauce wasn’t anywhere near thick enough or sticky enough and was dripping everywhere.

Without the pickle it would’ve been very one dimensional.

Worth a try, but I don’t think I’ll bother again.


yeah i wonder why something you waited 15 years for was underwhelming…


Tell that to little Johnny waiting for a heart transplant


If you have waited 15 - 20 years for anything on a Maccas menu I humbly suggest you need counselling.


Well, it’s not like islets an everyday menu item, rarely comes up, hence the current hysteria.


I love even the dry skanky ones from the pie warmer at the servo.

If I wasn’t so fkn lazy I’d probably go get one now.