McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


There’s a “Patty”, in a McRIB?



It was Patty who served me, Rosebud McD. Needs to be more firm with the schoolies and their frozen cokes.


I said we were bringing it back, I didn’t say it would be any good.

The only reason I gave it the thumbs up from my side was to keep you c**ts happy.

Are you sure it was McRib you wanted and not McBeefsteak?



Pork pattie,
Hawaiian ham steak,
Roast pork,
End bun.
AMA waiver.

Do it.


AS long as you bring back lee kernaghan


I just want a slice of pineapple on a cheeseburger.
I realise no-one else does, though.


How’s the breakfast all day going?


Very well. All day favourites going even better.


Pleased to hear it for you.
I wondered because personally when I go to the drive-through and I’d really like a McMuffin or some hash browns after the old cut-off, I think to myself that they’re not going to have them ready.
That’s a one way ticket to the waiting bay, and screw that, I’ll get a cheeseburger.

Not saying I speak for everyone, and you’re still selling something.


Yeah a lot of it is cooked to order, and that’s the best way to get it to be honest. Nothing beats a fresh hash brown. Nothing.

What’s 3 minutes in the scheme of things eh?


I agree, but when I go to McDonalds I want it now.
Not saying it’s rational.

Whenever there’s three of us and we get sent to the waiting bay, the one who ordered anything even slightly obscure gets the evil eye, if they’re lucky.


I get it. That’s why you came to McD’s instead of our competition. You don’t want to wait ages.



Personally I think a beautifully cooked rib eye just might have it covered.


Don’t go to France for a perfectly cooked steak.


I’ll remember that.


Did you have a national lampoon moment


Just multiple ■■■■ steak frites.


It’s the only way any Macas is good at all IMO, no offence, just Fresh or fk it is my MO with you guys.

I’m not sure if this is usual, but the rare times I actually do use it, I call our local ahead and have it all made from scratch, and pick it up when they say it will be ready, just like any other takeaway.

It’s the only way to roll.


When I worked there (2006) the amount of people who cracked it because they couldn’t get a McOz with egg was astounding.

Can they still get egg on burgers if they want as breakfast goes all day is that a no go and they can only be on muffins.

The big brekkie was ok. Especially as I worked 5am-2pm and my lunch break was still breaky menu only.


Against my better judgement I had a McRib. Faaaaaaarkin rubbish! It’s like that episode of the Simpsons was lying to us this whole time

Fire someone asap @mcdav