McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


I actually didn’t mind the McRib. Probably buy it again if I get a chance.


Same, I had one yesterday and went back and got another an hour later


I liked the McRib. It tastes nice but looks average.

Will defiantly order it again next time I’m at Maccas


I’m going to defiantly order a Whopper.



Barnz and Scotty have been busy


Two issues I have there…McNuggets and Uber Eats.


never understood the fogies that come in here being all dismissive of maccas, ■■■■ off to your arthouse titty movie thread.


I’m definitely not anti-Maccas. Very partial to a cheesy, a double cheesy, a Big Mac and their chips.

Always drop in for something on the Geelong bypass.

Just that nuggets are ■■■■.


What is this newfangled McDonald’s you speak of?
These goshdarned kids with their new lingo, I just can’t keep up.



Nothing wrong with Nuggets.




No problem Sonny! When you’re the size of 10 houses and have your first heart attack at 40 remember it is your choice - we are what we eat!! Now get back to Fortnite.


Random question @mcdav:

Why can’t we mix frozen coke and one of the other flavours of Frozen drink you guys offer? E.g Frozen coke and vanilla?


I think they’re doing that. There’s something like 48 possible flavours on at the moment, might be Fanta though.


Bah humbug,,1752430,00.html


You can.


My local Maccas said you cant mix coke with any of the new ones (Officer McDonalds)


Did officer McDonald defect and join Colonel sanders


That would be a limitation to their ingenuity vs anything else. I can’t think of an adequate way to put it through the registers, but that’s easily changed.