McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


That sounds like a lot of bread


So, you don’t get a discount for not ordering the beef patties? Might as well keep them in there if you’re paying for them.


You do but not much. Maybe $1 per pattie


Yep, marketing really pushed the boundaries there. People still buy it though.


We did it twice in the space of about 6 months as a full promo - June '17 and then Jan '18. Will never happen again and I reckon you will struggle to be able to order one again.

Global didn’t like it and we still have many new arseholes as a result.


I find that a little surprising, given all the different local variations you can get at Maccas around the world.

Tell them they’re jerks for me.


The BigMac is the trademark burger, you don’t fck with it. Or that’s what HQ would think.


Do it again, whats the worst that can happen? Sock it to the man…


McDonalds has been sueing anyone who comes close to selling a Big Mac for the past 70 years. Part of those suits would say the bigmac is iconic and unchanged in its history. It’s the lawyers that would hate anyone messing with the bigmac recipe and image.


Son of Mac, Grand Mac…


it was available in europe about mid 2015, so screw headquarters man!

i am a mcchicken lover, but the big mac version sucked. i’d prefer it with the mcchicken sauce instead of the big mac sauce.


Enjoying this right now watching the SB.

Thank you.


Bring back grand big Mac


Dav are your lawyers doing something about the fact that every supermarket in town is now selling a different knock off version of your Big Mac sauce?

Seems like they’re all calling it ‘special’ sauce or similar, which I assume is something your trademark guys might have dropped the ball on



Yep, we know it as special sauce.



Wow just saw double Mac advertisement.

There’s my cheat meal sorted.


Mcrib done well


@mcdav hey mate I need a set of the current books for the little guy. I have 4 and the box, can you help me out please?


buy more nuggs friend.


Leave with me.