McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


I buy all the nugs, don’t worry about that!


Much appreciated mate



Drive Thru is on the wrong side to be here.


There was a KFC in Wagga that had the drive through window on the opposite side. Food was delivered by a ‘dumb waiter’ that travelled above the car in an enclosed gantry.

Was bizarre.


There’s one in Hobart where the drive thru is below the restaurant in a car park.


Our Collingwood restaurant is like that


Not a fan of Third Wave in Port Melbourne. Last time we went the service was shocking.


Where the FK did the crunchie McFlurry go?!?!?!?!


Tracked a full set down - just waiting for it to be sent to me. Will PM you when I have it in my hands to get details of where to send.


Limited Time Only these days, sadly.


Thanks mate. Little bomber will be stoked!

Bummed on the crunchie, i loved that thing.


Can’t remember if anyone wanted spicy Qtr Pounders…


Don’t think I’ve ever had a qtr pounder. Always been chicken, cburger, or fillet I fish, or McWaldo©

I’ll give it a go and see


I didn’t ask but would love a burger with a decent kick




A McDonalds meal for optimistic Blitzers would be called a McHappy Clapper.


Wait until May 22 or tell me your local and I will tell you when to try one. Timing is everything and one of my projects is about to kick off meaning a better Qtr pounder for all :grin:


Sriracha QP. Hopefully.


How have you not had a qtr pounder?!?!