McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Fries suck


Was Ray Kroc ruthless and a bit of a c$&t? Yep


Good movie.

He definately has the air of a sex pest.


Also, WSPHU.


Fred Turner was even more of a c**t. Shortly after the US banned smoking in offices, Fred would keep walking around the office smoking a cigar. Someone actually complained and the head of HR at the time had to ask him to stop.

Every day Fred would walk around the building (there’s balconies around the outside) to the head of HR’s office and smoke outside his window. And every day, he would butt the cigar out on the window with the HR guy watching.


A guy that steals a company from a family isn’t exactly a nobel prize winner.



That ■■■■’s creepy AF.


And how much do they charge?



2,900 rupee.

But actually…


Have posted it before but it’s India’s Maccas Breakfast they need to bring here. The Dosa Masala Brioche and the Veg McMuffin are both hot fire.


Here’s a different suggestion.

Why doesn’t Maccas sponsor Essendon?


Because they sponsor the 'Pies?


Like Antler?


Do they?


Pretty sure they do.


We don’t sponsor the Pies at all. We sponsor the AFL as broadcast partner. Hence the maccas LED in every game. We did have an offer to essendon though.


Were we asking for too high a pick?


Notoriously difficult to deal with.


Offered Ricky Dyson and a 3rd Rounder to be on the collar only. AFL had a better deal.


Missed opportunity. The cross-promotional “McDonalds Luen Burger”.