McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Missed opportunity. McDonalds Tipungwuti.


■■■■■■■ Genius


Here’s another suggestion: Why doesn’t Maccas buy in to the craft brewery game like pepsico, CCA etc?

You already have logistics and distribution covered…


And then serve it in your restaurants. I’d be there every second day for lunch. (I know, I know, family restaurant and all)


bigger problem would actually be under 18 year olds serving etc.


Nah, forget serving it in the restaurants.

Just brew and use existing distribution chain to supply the market at large.


Gus approves of this strategy


I’ve always suspected I missed my calling.


NBN reseller would be a better option.


You think people don’t give you enough grief about what your nuggets are made of?


To be honest we stopped caring. We know the truth and people still buy them. It’s a stupid position for people to have. Does anyone understand the ramifications of lying as an Australian business?


What I like best about this response is that it apllies equally to the nuggets and the NBN for different reasons.

Re: Nuggets. Folks love an urban myth.

Re NBN: Surely McDonalds cares more about the value of the brand than to associate with it?


24 Nuggets = zero Monopoly stickers.


Ricky Dyson meal should be a cheeseburger and a thimble of coke.


Spicy chorizo the best thing they’ve done all year.


KFC zinger taco. They’re on a hot streak this year. 10/10.


I’m going for a walk.


Just found out that the KFC at Victoria Gardens has hot and spicy as a permanent fixture on their menu. Terrible shopping centre that just became my favourite place in Melbourne


Is. The ■■■■■■■. BOMB.
Hard taco inside a soft taco. Genius.