McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Pretty sure they stole Taco Bell’s idea, but more power to them.

Tobasco flavour, Mozarella Zinger, now this. KFC putting in WORK in 2017.


KFC did the taco last year.


This story about the guy not getting nuggets at 4:50am needs to be investigated as breakky menu doesnt start till 5am.

Also Nuggets should be available 24hrs a day. Iys not like you need to clean a grill for them.


What story?

Not everyone has google alerts set for all Macca’s news like Rolo


Pretty sure he ordered nuggets,was told he couldn’t then asked for 200 hash browns and got arrested (for drink driving).


Ordered nuggets at 4:50am but told that it was breakfast menu (which doesnt start till 5am) so they wont cook them. The bloke then goes back around and orders 200 hash browns. Cops come and book him for blowing over .178 iirc.


who cares, people that care about 4.50 vs 5 never worked retail food.


I’ve got a suggestion @mcdav

Get rid of the f-ing pickles




Didn’t like them as a kid.
I quite enjoy them now.


Extra pickles…always.


You will never be welcome back in Griffith now.


Isn’t the pickle the thing that makes it food?


Without pickles and onion cheeseburgers are considered confectionary


All my favorite confectionary has a beef patty in the middle of it


If you buy a cheeseburger and just leave it on your window sill the pickle is the only thing that goes mouldy (you know, like food is supposed to do). The rest just looks exactly the same for years and goes hard.

Sure to be good for you


I’m guessing this is just an urban myth @Mcdav ? I’ve also heard it.





Can we get the McRib here?