McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


More chocolate in the shakes. Has this been done yet?


Yep. Soon.


Blitz delivers, again!


The chicken big mac returns


I know you said Chicken Big Mac, but I clicked just in case you somehow confused it with El Maco.


With big mac sauce or McChicken sauce?


Chicken big Mac was gone?


Good i really liked that burger.

Still find it hard to go past the Chicken Clubhouse though , but ask for it with Peri Peri and McChicken sauce.


Am i in crazy town, just go whenever in the year ask for the chicken big mac and the maccas lads will have it up by the time you get to the pick up window?


You’re not crazy, but you may have heart disease


Nah its genetic. on pills for it.


Went to one of my son’s friends party at maccas. Thought why not and went to get a create your range burger… when the ■■■■ did they get rid of them?

Was one of the only good things they recently implemented. Now its just gourmet range which look rubbish.

Another reason to avoid maccas completely.


Don’t say that…

went to maccas today and got a mcdouble. it was amazing.


Maccas lettuce is woeful.

And, I must take back my comments around doubling the flavour in chocolate shakes. I ordered a shake the other day, bottom half was all plain shake, top half was double flavoured. Nasty.


You are Mr Controversy!


Everything needs more caramelised onion. EVERYTHING! That was the beauty of the create your own


You can put Caramelised onion on any burger.

Create Your Taste was killed by the global overlords. Also expect this to be the last time you will see Chicken Big Mac advertised (btw it’s Mac Sauce, not chicken Sauce to answer that question - and more of it).


Went to Taco Bell yesterday in Brisbane. It’s … junk food.

If their plans for expansion are as big as rumoured though they’ll eat Salas/Guzman/Mad Mex’s lunch though. $5 cheaper on some stuff.


Isn’t it called ‘McChicken sauce’ ?


i am disappoint.

i had one of the chicken big macs overseas a while back, it just didn’t taste right with the Big Mac sauce.

Why can’t you please EVERYONE dammit!