McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


I hope so, would be good for my portfolio.


i had the displeasure of trying Taco Bell in the US

It’s probably the worst ‘food’ you could see being made, and then put in your mouth

Not sure is AU Taco Bell is the same but it’s pretty much bottom of the barrel stuff.


The gourmet cheeseburger with Jalapenos was amazing


Taco Bell is the only place I’ve ever kicked up up a stink about a meal and refused to pay for it. Fkn woeful.


Yep wouldnt give it to my dog.

Our one surprisingly delivers… that’s desperate.


Until the McRib is back, Maccas are blacklisted…


You could always ask for it to be swapped…


I’m trying, I assure you.


waaaayyy too much effort


Working hard to keep the McVegan burger out of Australia I take it @mcdav. Surely Vegans wouldnt eat at maccas anyway?


My Wife does, the chips are vegan and she gets a cheese burger, less the cheese and patty but with a hash brown added.


Not something we need to work hard to keep out.


And I bet it costs a bomb too. As a joke once we got a workmate who loved Junior Burgers a Junior burger minus meat plus lettice. It cost more than a normal one…


Yep it becomes ridiculous. Once a bloke asked for a Farmhouse burger when I worked at Bayswater… Every type of meat we had:
Beef patty
Fish patty
Chicken Patty
Turkey slice (when we did the deli rolls)
Lamb pieces

Plus the lettuce, tomato, onion, etc that came on the McFeast at the tiime as thats what he wanted upgraded with the meats…

disgusting looking burger… he ate it too.


Driving through with my brother was embarrassing.
“Hi can I please get a mcchicken burger…with no chicken…”


I used to work nights at Doncaster when I was in school. Bloke would come in almost every night and ask for ‘the pound’ - a quadruple quarter pounder. Every night. I assume he’s dead now


That use to be the rage when Hungry Jacks and Maccas use to do triple cheese burgers.

I saw someone try the pounder… it was a ■■■■■■ to pack. Had to use a 10pack nugget box to pack it in.


I dont really enjoy anything from mcdonalds except the frappes. (coffee of course). with no phoney cream on top.

ever in a heat wave? its the best drink known to man.
(non alcoholic).

everything else at mcdonalds is only worth consuming when you have had a skin full of grog and need to settle yhe stomach.


I would say the Mayo on the chicken burger wasn’t Vegan either…



It would be extra special if they could get the lettuce IN the bun. That’d be great…