Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


The last time I saw figures, WC were on top, we were 3rd, from memory.


Same for me - though I don’t think we were 3rd. I think we were a little lower than that.


We were top 5, pretty sure. Adelaide & Collingwood were there also.


Interesting stats here:
2017 (Incomplete since not all clubs have their annual reports completed or included.)


what a strange set of numbers they are. A lot of that information was completely unexpected.


Awesome find! Love that it has revenue per member…


Poker machine revenue is damning though IMO. That part doesn’t sit comfortably with me TBH.


Liabilities have come well down which is good.

As for pokies, if they are going to exist I would rather the profit go to community based clubs than Coles/Woolworths. I’m also not sure that if you remove them completly the addictive personalities won’t just move to drugs or alcohol. We need to address the problems associated with the addiction rather than moving to ban/outlaw the outlet.


It’s the pokie profit that is more relevant. Still $2.5m is a lot to find a replacement for


Well why not ban alcohol income as well.




It’s no flashmob.


I get the 3 game membership because thats about the most games I’m able to attend due to other commitments.
2018 will be my 6th year as a member and my daughter turns 5 in Feb and will be her 6th season also. We signed up not long after the Saga began, the week she came home from hospital after she was born.
Small contributions but not useless.
I’d still like to see clubs memberships broken down to x amount of members at an average of x amount of games.


I’m in a very similar boat to you. Signed up with my 1 year old at the very beginning of the saga. Living interstate, we can’t get to more than a couple of home games at best (usually 1). I’ve shifted between the 3 game flexi and the National options over the years. Gone for the National for 2018 as it’s an improved package overall. Very hard to justify higher level membership if you can’t get to games. I’m pretty sure the club is happy to count us in.


Got the members pack during the week, opened it with the kids this morning.

They loved their water bottles and are proudly using them already. So funny to see them soooo excited over something so simple.


Why not just ban income? Get rid of that and everything else falls into place really.


Amateur hour.


@Mr_Sunbury_1 - took your advice mate and upgraded my membership to High Mark this morning. Now sitting Level 2 for MCG and Etihad home games.


MCG level 2???
Do you have something particular to the MCG?
My HIGHMARK gets me level 1 MCG (my old Bronze seats) nothing better!


We’re also level 2. Give the club a call and see if you can change.