Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Similar thing annoys me at Anzac day games. I have home game reserved seat and usually all seats taken around me, but on Anzac day some by ‘friends’ of actual seat owners. Last year group of three in front of me continued to go to the bar & return during play. Very frustrating when you cannot see the action you pay for and attend to see!!


At least in the members, they stay in the bar all day.


At the baseball in the US, and probably all sporting venues but I only went to the baseball, they have guys walking around with kegs on their backs. Was ■■■■■■ brilliant!! Get that into the footy and no one will ever have to get up during quarters.


Wouldn’t it be just as annoying for the guy with the keg to get to the person with the thirst?


Nah, there’s this guy that carries the Keg Man in a harness on his back.


If the bloke with the keg on his back teams up with a guy with chips on his shoulder they’d be set all.


A really long tap.


62,171 on this day last year.

Official final tally last year was 67,768.
The 2018 Season Guide, whose accuracy is beyond reproach, has a 2017 total of 68,496.


Did everyone get their membership sorted?


just signed my son up for Auskick, think that means +1 for efc membership?


Grandson still hasn’t received membership card!


Yes thanks. Dogs got their leads and collapsable water bowls. All is good with the world.




Membership tried to tell me it was lost in they mail but given I didn’t even receive that email copy I’m finding that hard to believe. New card was supposed to be sent out last Thursday, surprise surprise it’s yet to arrive…


Considering the Easter break that’s pretty standard



Coincidence that some 2hrs after the above update I miss a call from head of membership???


Looks like networking is paying off for you.

as someone beating the drum of your slight i demand free reserved seat.


Was hoping to take the 3y/o to her 1st game next week…


Considering it wasn’t even printed or sent…