Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I’d already renewed my boy’s membership, then a couple months later signed him up for Auskick, so had wondered if he’d be counted twice. He has 2 cards now, both with the same number, so I guess only counted once.

Interesting that the Auskick card arrived first, and the pack was better too… Auskick was about the same price last year without the bonus membership, so at least I don’t feel like I’ve forked out twice.


Oh man got a new guernsey for me and my son 1 week out from season and got the free number deal with guernsey and already after 1 wash number peeling :slightly_frowning_face: faaawk pretty crap considering I paid near $200 bucks ! Yet last year guernsey number intact after 20 of more washes :slightly_frowning_face:


Just calling to let you know that you should be receiving an email within 2-6 weeks.


Send it back.


I have my barcode number but that’s it.

Any tips on how I am supposed to get into the ground yesterday?

Sent the club an annoyed email yesterday.

Pretty poor


Yeah I have receipts and will bring them back it’s not good enough


no point going to the membership booth before the game or the ticket window with the barcode then?


I reckon you should front up today at member tent.


Would still front up but for today you need to upgrade anyway so you can enter your barcode on the Ticketmaster website and pay for a ticket


I can’t believe there are still people who have not received their membership card. What a fark up by the club.


awesome didn’t realise it was an upgrade day!


just upgraded, cost me $23 as the General Admission allocation was exhausted!

Does that mean there are no GA tickets left?

Wasn’t thinking it would be a big crowd today given how the dogs have been playing, not that we have been great.


If youve got away games on your membership you dont have to upgrade.


GA tickets sell out all the time yet the GA areas are always a quarter empty.


Hey all. If you still don’t have your cards please get in contact with membership. They are generally watching in here also, though pinpointing who you are from your Blitz handle would be difficult…


My replacement card lobbed on Friday afternoon… had to be reactivated as it had been cancelled as believed to be lost in the mail.

After yesterday’s performance I’m now ready to throw it in the fire…


Thanks Catherine - my card will arrive sometime so I am not worried at all. I am, however, really concerned that I have lost my team as per yesterday’s disgraceful display. If you or any other Board Members know where they are could you let them know the season has started and it would be nice to see a bit of effort to placate the stirring hordes of disgruntled members.


maybe when all the memberships are sorted they will start playing footy again


The fish rots at the head.


You think it all might be in protest for how the members were treated this year eh?

That they are on a stop work in solidarity with us until everyone gets everything they were promised and should have??

:thinking: Possible I s’pose . …