Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Unless it had a severe untreated tail infection.


yep spot on…they dont want any of them members to miss out on any of their great play


I’m glad they’re watching in here

Hey EFc membership department, any reason why we are always left on hold for 15 minutes? And why people haven’t got their cards. Feel free to sign up and post, though I guess that will extend our wait time to 20 minutes


just quietly, vodafone got rid of their live chat function so i had to call the ■■■■■. still got an answer quicker than essendon’s membership department in the past.

just ditch the ■■■■■■■ phone lines and get a live chat, you can have the 3 staffers handle 5 or so at a time.


So we’re now at 69,401. That’s a club record right?


Yeah that’s right. Thankfully you can’t retract your membership otherwise it might be a different story. But yes, you can still microwave it, or the print out of it if you’re that way inclined.


should only count memberships that have been delivered…


Do you mean via mail or the 2018 season?


I haven’t signed me or my family up yet. Couldn’t go to our first home match, not massively keen on going this week either… I probably still will but yeah…Anyone else relate to this?


So nearly 2000 have signed up SINCE Sunday’s debacle???
What the hell is wrong with these people


Worsfold just bought them With his contract extension money


Maybe they thought they were signing up of EFC VFL?


they saw how much choppsuey was enjoying not having his card that they wanted to do the same.


You’ll probably find we are running behind in processing memberships, so those were probably already received well before last weeks game and just now suddenly get counted.

If our playing standard continues, I’m sure they will quickly drop off.


I dunno. Maybe they support the club.


If you’ve waited until April to decide whether you want to support the club or not, I don’t think Sunday’s match would sway you to say yes


Is @chopsuey planning a party when his card turns up? Or just when he gets his barcode? Blitzers get in free.


Only if they show their membership card.


1st replacement card arrived last Friday, about 2hrs after I spoke to membership who suggested it wasn’t even sent and issued 2nd replacement card… I rang them back and they said 1st replacement card was cancelled (even though it apparently hadn’t been sent…) so had to be reactivated. I’m expecting 2nd replacement card to arrive in the mail tomorrow…*

*actually I’m not.


Reminds me of Major Major in Catch 22:

You can only be admitted to see him in his office when he isn’t there.