Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


Sorry to laugh, but that is just too funny.

How many cards does it take to get choppsuey into Etihad?

At least 3.


Keep this up and we’ll be well over 70,000 come May.


Oh by all means, laugh away! It is quite laughable!
As it stands, I have a card that I’m led to believe will get me in… I’ll believe that when I see it on Sunday.


cue choppsuey goes to Etihad and forgets to take card


Would you believe I’ve also been emailed 2 copies in the last week?!

I’ll take everything, surely one of them is going to get me in to the joint…


Actually lowkey want you to be rejected at the gate, because the club needs a ■■■■ storm to perform on field!


would genuinely lose the plot…


If we keep issuing choppsuey memberships we could be over 70,000 by the end of this week!


I’m doing my bit, where the ■■■■ are the rest of you lot?!


May be they are trying to inspire enthusiasm.


Too many is way better than not enough.


Avoiding you?


I was gonna say not complaining in the membership thread having actually received their memberships.

Cancelled replacement card #2 arrived today…


I bet you take them all to the game to scan…just in case.


You’re damn right I will be. And both emailed copies as well!


I can hear the ground announcer now “Attention! Can we have all security staff to gate 5. I REPEAT ALL SECURITY TO GATE 5. NOW”


On the team’s current form it might be more interesting watching choppsuey trying to get into the ground than watching the match.


I’m tipping he will put up more of a fight with the opposition (security & membership staff).



Richmond break 90,000 members. They already had a massive number of members, but nothing like a flag to give you a membership boost.

RICHMOND has created more football history by becoming the first AFL club to break the 90,000 members milestone.

The reigning premiers had 90,023 paid up members of the ‘Tiger army’ as of Thursday night.

It surpasses the 2017 membership total of 75,777 and smashes Collingwood’s AFL record of 79,347 set in 2014.

The club says over 20,000 new members have joined the club since it won last year’s flag.