Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I think there’s an element of gimmick/fad about Richmond membership at the moment. Not to be disparaging to the tigers who everyone knows have a huge latent supporter base, but that sort of new member increase points very much to a “it’s the cool thing to do” mentality in heartland Richmond. Just my perception. Apparently the Pies aren’t offering up their memebrship numbers this year, such has been the downturn, suggested it’s down to around 65k.


There really should be a priority for members with “x years of membership”. Feel sorry for the genuine Tigers members who have stuck by their club for years to probably miss out on GF tickets to Johnny come lately’s who only joined recently.


I totally agree. I don’t know if they do it anymore but Collingwood offers guaranteed grand final tickets for any member who is 30+ years. Any membership package you are. I think that’s a very nice touch.


It’s the way of the world these days. You want it, you’ve gotta pay for it.


ha - except for you and your card.




This is the true battle im looking forward to on sunday, which of choopsuey’s cards work.


A 3AW caller this morning claimed Richmond had not yet sent out 10,000 membership tickets…






Question re kids tickets. Wanting to take our 3yo tomorrow, she’s free but do we still need a ticket for her? Unsurprisingly the Ticketmaster site is no help, giving me $45 for the cheapest seats for her.

I haven’t brought GA tickets, we’ll ever as I’ve been a member since I was 13.


She can enter for free regardless as a 3y/o but has to sit on your lap. Kids GA ticket should be free on Ticketmaster plus the $3 booking fee.

I’m just grabbing one at the ground tomorrow.


Good move. 3 bucks = Pie! (Or not quite half a Beer, … :roll_eyes: )


And yet there were only 32,870 at their home game at the MCG today.

Crappy weather, yes, but all the same.


We have nearly 70k members and the club spent 35k on the member scarfe.


Anyone know of crowd prediction today?

I assume less than last week?


ps still no membership card for me - they even promised to email me a ticket but failed to do so lol


And my barcode isn’t working now at all.

I Suspect they processed it during the week but didn’t email it to me.

What a disgrace this club is on and off the field.

They don’t deserve my support but I’ll still be catching the train, lining up, paying to get a ticket, paying for my membership, etc etc.

Paying twice to watch players that don’t even seem to be trying.


Do you call what you do “support”?


Don’t pay twice. Go to the membership hub at the ground and they’ll get you a ticket.