Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


or borrow one from chopsuey.




Entry success!
I take back everything I said about this amazing club…



Get around us.


Richmond have 90,000 members and I reckon there was about 35-40,000 at yesterdays game max


30,900 is one of our worst crowds for a very long time, 2016 excepted.


I meant to say that we are the greatest club in the competition with the most premierships and have done extremely well off field recently given the difficult circumstances of the last few years.

I also have never criticised David Myers or Hartley.

Jokes aside I haven’t missed an Essendon game in Melbourne since 2016 (I think I missed one that year) and I have very rarely sooked it up like I have over the last few days.

I paid to get in again today and could probably get a refund but happy for the club to take my money.

So I would say the answer is a resounding yes.

How about you? Ever over react to a loss?

Any flaws?


So surely after that win we creep into past 70k this week?


None I can think of.


Renewed our memberships on Friday afternoon. Haven’t yet received our packs or membership cards yet. Disappointing.

(Haven’t checked the letterbox yet though… Be right back)…


and you saw them win !!

a great day no doubt


In all honesty though… Did sign up on Friday, the guy on the phone was completely on the ball and within 5 to 10 minutes we were signed up and I had my tickets to today’s match in my email inbox.

I’ve only ever experienced great service from the staff at EFC. Top that off with a great show put on by the team today :+1:


We have over 69k members and only 30k showed up today, maybe we shouldn’t be criticising richmond’s turnout.

Today’s crowd was poor, but the club brought it on itself


my old bone, level 2 was ■■■■■■■ EMPTY


Now on another issue, not particularly membership.

I sat next to a guy today who was with his young kids (maybe 4ish year olds).

It was utterly INFURIATING.

To use the different language this guy did today to describe just about every player out on the ground (and mostly ours) he was a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ and ■■■■ who was a disgraceful wanker, ■■■■■■ and ■■■■. He used every expletive I think I’ve ever heard.

When he called Robbie Gray a Port poof, I couldn’t believe anyone could try and pull that kind of language off.

No one pulled him up and if I wasn’t with my wife, 8, 11 and 12 year old I wouldn’t have lasted… My wife tugged on my arm multiple times knowing I was fuming all day.

Just a question? Do others still experience this at the footy? Do others let it go? Do others report unsavoury behaviour like Etihad promotes?

Just wow… Yeah guys in terms of that side of the day, I had a crap one.

(Oh and he had no idea about the rules… Too one eyed… Also very very annoying)


Happened to me once, except they were into racist vitriol. Told them if they didn’t stop I would call the police. They moved.


You can most definitely report them to Etihad. Also the club, if you feel they overstepped the boundaries of their membership…


Happened to me once at a geelong game, nearly got into a fight because of it. Sad that it happens but not much you can do?

I feel sorry for some of the dads who take their kids. Had a kid behind us kicking the back of the chair (he was like 4 or 5). I feel bad asking the dad to tell him to stop but you still need to ask him. Dad was very apologetic but I still feel bad.


I’m lucky to have only been turfed a couple times as I don’t mind giving the opposition or the umpires a spray during the game. “You cheating fkn kent” gets regularly used in the heat of the moment


no it wasnt empty but a little sparse …again we had opposition supporters all around us…it sh1ts me

there seems to be a few spares though…where are all the high mark memebers? or are there heaps of those memberships still left