Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I hate that. Thankfully I haven’t seen it too often. I’d just use the ground phone number to alert them if it’s taking away you and your family’s enjoyment.


I will tell people like that to shut up. And report them to security and cops. Only once has someone tried anything physical back when confronted.


Where were you sitting ?

We had a guy like that near us a few years ago at Etihad, he lasted about 20 minutes until a young lady told him quietly to cut it out, and before he reacted there was a spontaneous roar of approval from many of us around her.

He left.


4 weeks in still no card for grandson. (Membership was renewed in Dec '17.)
His mum got hers - same address - bought at the same time - members for several years - same address for years.

Does anyone know what happened. I’m looking to blame someone.
Expect this from others but not my club.

I have been in touch with EFC Membership without explanation or apology, just a promise to look into it.


Club has dropped the ball this year in re to memberships. Still haven’t received my VFLW package, sent an email, still waiting to hear back.



Its 70K ■■■■■■■!


“We’re determined to reward the loyalty our members have shown in our Club, in our players, our staff, and our coaches over the coming years.
We want to find greater levels of service for our members, develop a deeper connection with our members and we will continue to challenge ourselves to do that moving forward.

Plenty of work ahead according to blitz contributors :sweat_smile:

  1. deliver cards in a timely manner


According to the article, 70,638 members today.
62,720 on April 20 last year. So the lead over last year is actually growing. If the lead holds, we’ll hit 75,000 easily.


Was probably a good move finding some form coming into ANZAC Day, as good tickets become more scarce, reserved seat memberships have more appeal than paying through the nose for a single ticket.


Only every second year, and not this one.


There’s enough material for a whole thread there … idiots who sit near you. I’m pretty lucky down near the front of Bay 33. No shortage of dumb comments (some of mine included) but nobody takes it too far.


I complained once at a bulldogs game we had some real mouth pieces standing behind us at our members end …told the security guys they just looked at me like I had 6 heads so I thought okay …went back to my seat & every time the guys said something I said really loudly …what is that awful sound? or my personal favourite that really irritated them was laughing really loud & shouting doggies supporters are such morons …they finally went away so at least we got to watch most of the last quarter in peace …


I have a reserved home and away seat so that helps every year.

But those that have home reserved seats are either guaranteed a seat for Anzac Day or Dreamtime (as we alternate each year).


And at the very least, provide an option for non-match day members on whether or not they wish to have a membership card.

I was informed that a final decision has been made and that there won’t be any cards this year. Can you confirm, please? @Catherine_Lio

Thanks in advance.


I believe, if you contact the club, they are providing membership cards. There was a bit of a kerfuffle :innocent:


Seems simple to me. Whichever genius thought sending it out with that piece of ■■■■ magazine should re-evaluate their priorities.


I still don’t even have the magazine… not that I want it at all…


Just received that email from the club apologizing for the membership card stuff up and inviting people to fill out the survey again if not done so. ( I already have).

Would have thought it is pretty simple. Most people don’t give a stuff about their membership pack or the magazine, but are pumped at receiving their card. It is like the key that unlocks Essendon hope/hype for the new year.

We are paying earlier every year to keep our seats, so the number 1 priority should be to pour all resources into getting the cards out by the end of January. That way if there is a minor delay, you don’t get the disaster that was this year.

Everything else can arrive whenever and is just a nice little bonus.