Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I don’t think it is as clear cut as ‘most people don’t give a stuff about their membership pack or magazine’ if you go back to the comments about the membership scarf.

Please fill in the survey everyone. :slight_smile:


The scarf, the pin, the sticker, etc, etc.


The club should offer a free membership tier. So we end up with 150,000 members. Just to ■■■■ off the other clubs.


Good God NO. Then you’d have even more people whinging about what they’re entitled to for their lack of contribution.


I don’t care about most of the pack. But I do like the scarf or towel.


I reckon most of those comments for the scarf where to do with the quality of it (as well as some of the other stuff, like the stickers or magazine) but i’d be willing to bet that the majority of members would place a lower priority on it. I can recall plenty of posts about not knowing what to do with all the scarfs they eventually get.

All these things are nice little bonuses, not trying to take anything away from that.

My post was actually more to do with the timing of delivery on things. And cards should be at the top of que by a long way.


‘The Lads’ simply would not join without their folding water bowls. And the cat flat out refuses to get a membership because the only goodies they have are for dogs. Sort it Lio!


My cats got very large dog collars and portable water bowls this year. They weigh heavily on them, both literally and figuratively.


Quality? I hated the stupid colour scheme! And it wasn’t long enough. You need to allow for thick necks and the looped way of wearing it (European style).

Meh, I’ve got loads of spare scarfs anyway. :slight_smile:


The scarf we’re asked to wave.
What’s the deal with the towel? Tempted to say we throw it in. But I won’t.


I only have a bronze membership, no reserved seat. For some reason they have opened up 2 bays behind the goals where you can sit - level 3 front row… We were second row a behind the goals.


I expect a disproportionate high return on the amount I spend on my membership.


I wish I knew about the crazy cat lady thing before last election!


I’ve also found Etihad useless at this. Reported some Geelong fans for some racist comments against another fan and they jus shrugged their shoulders. Also allowed the guy to come over and have a go at me for reporting it. They don’t really care despite what they say.


Yeah, but they’re called James & Bomber.

I think that makes it worse actually…


I remember a great put down by an EFC supporter when some Carlton supporters were dumping on Wanganeen and Long. She retorted “At least ours are home grown” . Not another peep.




But, but, no doubt some bean counter in the budget department raised the associated postage costs of two send outs. Or, there was insufficient planning to have enough cards available when members paid up.


Stupid bean counter. Fancy being worried about $70,000!


I think we can all agree it’s been a less than ideal effort by the membership team this year. Should make for easy wins next year.