Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


I got a message from the membership department today telling me I’ve been a member for all but 5 years of my life. Add in the old man’s membership and we’re talking 150 years. Add in my late brother and two sister, we’d be more than 250 years.

We’ll forget the 2 Geelong sisters.



yeah ■■■■ this banner board idea too.


At least I’m getting value outta the cheap slabs on offer at Colonial Brewery when you show your EFC membership :crazy_face:


Last year we hit 65k about mid May, so we’re still running over 7000 ahead.
I realize these numbers aren’t top of people’s minds these days. Just recording them for future reference.


What is the deal?


how much beer do you have to buy to make the membership economical?




The amount of beer you have to drink to maintain sanity whilst watching the team clearly pays for the membership.


Cartons of Colonial Brewery standard ranges for $50ea. A rather large saving if you’re in Melbourne as the larger retailers don’t stock them & if you order online, these beers are in the $70 a carton region.

How many do you need to go through to get value? At the current rate, I’ll end up saving myself a couple hundred at least! :crazy_face:


That’s a pretty good deal since VB and Carlton’s have gone up to around $50 a slab mark now.

Plus it will help to numb the pain of watching our season slip away!


Given I waited so long to get the ■■■■■■ thing, has an appropriate amount of time passed to now stick it in the microwave?



Are you on the monthly plan? Cancel it


Yes, … that’s what supporters do.


Whatever it takes.
Sometimes change has to be forced


Hey, at least it saved me $5 on Sandy entrance today…


We never usually care too much about the cost of going to the Footy, but today in a weak moment Mrs Fox and I worked out that we see about 18 Bomber H&A games each year and when you add up all the costs, it gets to more than $5,000.

After yesterday, we are not sure it is worth the money to get such heart-ache.

Blokes like WOB drove all the way from Perth to watch two bad defeats. Koala and many others travel all around the Country to follow the team we all love.

We sat through 2016 watching guys battle every week against more talented opposition, and win a few along the way, and we saw them try very hard.

BJ looks broken, and he deserves better than this. And so do we.


Tell me how else you plan to get those in important places who make decisions to take any notice? We couldn’t even get membership cards on time regardless of promises. To busy doing other things and too many distractions.

And this is a club, who crossed the line during the saga, the fix was on, what makes you think they actually give a dam.


Quite amazing thinking of the 866 people who have signed up in the last 12 days.
Friends and family of the VFL side?
Or maybe they heard about the cheap slabs deal.


They signed up in Jan, membership department still processing it. Should have their cards by 2019


When you give a kid a present and they smash it and ask for another one, what do you do?
Sorry, no more prezzies from me until they show they can be responsible with them.