Membership 2018 - we got to 79,318


What cheap slabs deal ?


Colonial Brewing in Port Melbourne.


Wonder what we’ll get next year when we go 3-19 this year.


VB instead of colonial.


Some ultra-light low strength beer.


Jeebus. Still pouring in.


Maybe they didn’t like Neeld?


Wow, never realised there were so many Blitz members!


These are dark times.
It’s fantastic seeing so many fans stand up for their club


The Club may want to squirrel away some of the revenue from this years membership because I doubt next year will see the same numbers.


Why not Mr Bread. Are you cancelling yours?


You cannot cancel your membership they say.

Cancel the credit card then they cannot withdraw your money. They would probably sue you.
What a class act we have become following in the AFL’s footsteps.


No. But I’m probably in the group of people that are called fanatical (hence my being on this site and meeting dodgy characters for lunch to discuss the club). There would be a large chunk of our membership who are less fanatical and less likely to renew their membership, especially if the value proposition is eroded.


Of course you can’t cancel your membership.

You didn’t sign up to be a month by month member, you signed up to be a member for the year. The club are just being nice and letting you pay for it month by month.


I see it the other way round. I reckon average joe Essendon fan is more likely stick through the crap, and even sign up for memberships they didn’t have before. I think the fanatics are the ones most likely to microwave their memberships and bail out amid much spitting and cursing at every target they can think of.

And there’s nothing wrong with lunches with dodgy characters to discuss footy. I did it!


You’re wrong.


which one of these two clowns is the dodgiest…?


Good on her. She would have been a member at 58 if her card got there quicker.


Something remarkable happened this week as 103-year-old lifelong Bombers fan Mavis Arkinstall signed up as an Essendon member for the first time.

The Gisborne local grew up in Collingwood with a Carlton-supporting father, but held strong and knows better than most that form slumps can quickly turn around.

“I’ve supported Essendon since I was seven and I’m 103 – a long time – and I never miss a match,” Arkinstall said.

“I’m a little disappointed at the moment that we’re not doing better, but it will come good again.

“It’s been a rough trot for a few years, but it will settle down, it will have to because Essendon’s been too good of a club over the years.”

As you can tell, Arkinstall still closely follows her beloved Bombers and always watches or listens to the Dons every week.

The life member of the Kyneton Football Club said she is “very attached to the players” and will never stop supporting the side, regardless of their performances.

Visiting The Hangar with two of her children, a daughter-in-law and friend and Essendon great Greg Sewell, Arkinstall lit up the club with her enthusiasm and wit.

She had a tour through the club’s facilities, expressing how impressed she was by the “terrific gym” and even meeting legendary coach Kevin Sheedy.

“This is good, I’ll be able to tell everyone how nice it is,” Arkinstall said.

Now with a membership to match her red and black passion, Arkinstall is sure not to miss a minute of the action as the side clashes with Geelong on Saturday.


Can’t find it in the thread, but did other 20+ year members get a mailout with Bombershop discount and free etihad tickets?


Not that I’ve seen yet.